I'm torn
There's no escape
I want her so bad
But I want him the same
They're both so great
So beautiful
So flawless
I can't help
But hate myself
As the world hates me
They see me as perverted
I'm just in love
What does it matter
Who it is
Or what the gender
Sex is sex
Love is power
Power is God
God is dead
And so am I
If only inside
I wish I could decide
Won't you decide for me
Spare me my pain
Of course not
You love to see me hurting
To see my drowning in the rain
You love to beat me
To hit me
To scar me
When not only do I love
A woman from the devil
But also a man from up above
My eyes are glazing over
This is all too much for me
I finally start to slip away
Into the emptiness of me