Tired Of Me


Everyone is tired…

Of poor "angsty" Lynsay.

Won't stop crying,

Won't stop cutting

"She does it for attention"

I see those words in their eyes…


I see the words…

They miss the blood.

I'm bleeding here as you talk!

I'm crying inside as you sneer.

Why would I bleed?

For the unworthy attention?


In class, as you learn,

I am learning how to bleed.

Teachers? Hah, they don't notice,

Friends? They try their best…

If you are now sick of me,

Then leave me to die a lonely death.


Friends from foreign lands,

Are the only ones I feel safe with.

To talk to, to help them,

Thank you all, for believing me.

Farewell, I'm off to end it,

And run my blood into your dreams.


rogue mystique: I know its disjointed but I like it.