Sing to me, sometime.
Sing to me about candy clouds
And sea shells
And rain and stars
Sand, sun and wind
And why don't you strum onto me a dress
Made of song
With lyrics for threads and tune to give it rainbow color
And the tone of your voice will be
The pearls on my neck.
And the beat of your drum will become my pink slippers.
And I'll taste your voice like cherry coke.
And your musical hands will show me
All the work and laughing
And dancing, push, shove and singing
And learning and pain, and speaking to ourselves in riddles.
And a little forgetting.
But everything that I will ever remember is in you.I promise.
Your voice will drift in and out,
The envious tide will never gobble you up,
And you can impact me again and again
Without stopping. It's the same across the world.
I heard it. You sound fine.
Sing to me, sometime.