Intro to Rosa

Hi! I'm Rosa Lee Jefferson. Everyone calls me Pinky because of my style. I'm cheerful and everyone says I'm a ditz, and a klutz. That's okay. I live with my Auntie Cam because my parents died in a car crash when I was four. I was born on June the third and I always have big parties. My Auntie Cam tells me every year how she's so glad we have a huge house so all my friends can fit in it. My best friends are Molly and Emily. This year she persuaded me to have two birthday parties. One for my friends and one for my family. I sent out the invitations for my friends and she sent the ones for my family. I saw three of the invitations. One was for my Granny, and one was for some people named Lilac and Bowen Johnson, and the last one was for Teal and Verdi Oakley. They said they were from me, even though I hadn't written a word in them. I had objected to the idea first but then Auntie Cam said that she wanted me to meet some people. And the idea of more presents appealed to me. Most of my, all of them actually, are girls and since I have five rooms all to myself, one's a bedroom, one's a living room, one's a guest room, one's a playroom, and one's a media room, I have no problem with sleepovers. My bedroom has my bed and my vanity and my bathroom connected to it. It also has my closet, desk, and dresser. My living room has a couch, three chairs, a TV, and a closet. My guest room has a bed, a TV, and a closet. My playroom has my keyboard, a computer, a bunch of shelves filled with collector dolls, and my toy box, that my dad made me before he died, filled with stuffed animals, and a closet. And my media room has cd's, cassette's, Movies, magazine's a couch, a widescreen TV, and a closet. I really want a boyfriend and if my school wasn't for only girls I'd probably have one by now. Oh well. My aunt said I could go to a public high school. I can't wait for my Birthday! I'll be fourteen and I can finally get that cherry pink cell phone! I love to shop and I get at least five new shirts, shoes, pants, and dresses each weekend. All of my closets have different clothes in them. In my Media closet it has a bunch of outfits from movies and things. And all of my closets are stuffed to the brim.