Intro to Lilac

Hi. I'm Lilac Francesca Johnson. My dad calls me "purples" because when I was little that's how I said purple. I live alone with my dad because my mom died of cancer when I was four. My birthday is June the third. It's going to be the usual routine. Wake up, have my special breakfast, watch TV, go out for lunch, go shopping for my own birthday present, and go home to a TV dinner. Go check the mail and there's a present from my Aunt Cam. I'm pretty quiet and shy and I read a lot. I even have my own library, but it's pretty small. Our house isn't all that big. There are only six rooms. The kitchen, the study/ library, bathroom, my room, my dad's room, and the living room. I'm home schooled so I'm not able to make many friends. There's not really much to my life. I wake up at eight and my dad starts school. He works all weekend so he can put food on the table. Sometimes my Aunt sends him money to keep us going. This year she didn't send any money or anything. We just got a birthday invitation from a Rosa Jefferson. It had my Aunt's address, which was even weirder. First off, we don't know any Jeffersons, and secondly, Dad told me that my Aunt lived all alone. Another weird thing, my dad was talking to some lady over the phone. I think her name was Verdi Oakley. It was a weird conversation. They kept saying things like "Should we tell?" and "Do they even remember?" It was really strange. I was going to call the counselors to re-schedule my session on Saturday, and I didn't know my dad was still on the phone and I accidentally listened to their conversation. I have counseling every Saturday afternoon. They say I have a mild form of depression. And I have to lie to them about taking my medication because of the tight budget we're on we can't afford it. My dad doesn't even know about the sessions. He thinks I go to the library. But for some strange reason I think that that conversation he had with that lady had something to do with me. I feel like he's keeping something from me and I don't know what. He's never kept anything from me before. I don't think. I want to find out what they were talking about. I hate it when someone's keeping a secret from me. I hate surprises. I hate disruptions. Especially when I'm reading a really good book.