Intro to Teal

Hi. I'm Teal Jeremy Oakley. Everyone calls me Blue Boy because of my hair. It's Brown with blue streaks. I'm the best skateboarder around and no one can top my moves. I've always wanted a brother or sister. Someone to keep me company besides my ma. She's a drunk. She wasn't always this bad. It was when my dad walked out that it got unbearable. She went out drinking every night. I love my ma, but I can't stand any other girls. They hang on me all the time. My friends say if I get a girlfriend then they'll all stop. But then I'll be stuck with one who won't let go of me. I was born June the third and usually I get quite a few presents. Most are cards from girls who want to go out with me. I throw all of them away after. I only get a few I actually keep. Two of those are from family and the rest are from my friends. One of the gifts from my family is from my mom; the other is from my Aunt Cami. My Aunt Cami never comes to visit. Ma says she has a huge house. She could fit at least ten more people in her house. This year we got an invitation from some Rosa Jefferson. Ma had told me that I was to get dressed up but then she read to dress casually so. She told me I could wear Baggies as long as I wore a long shirt. Like I care. She told me that I had to come and if I didn't she'd take away my skateboard for a year. She'd do it too. That means it's important. Usually she doesn't care as long as pass my grade. Ma seems really excited about this but she seemed really upset when this guy called her. I think it was my dad but I don't care. If he had wanted me he wouldn't have abandoned me. Ma says it was more complicated than that but I don't see how. Ma took me shopping the other day for a present for this "Rosa" person. She picked out this pink scrapbook and she filled it with pictures of me, and some of my baby pictures. Then she made another one that was identical except it was purple. It had the exact same pictures. Another reason I could tell ma was excited. She hadn't had a drink since she got the invitation. My ma said that this girl was supposed to come to my school next year and I'm thinking, why should I care. It's just another girl to hang on me. If ma hadn't made that threat I would definitely blow that party. Tsh. Like I care.