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Chapter 6

The past

It was Monday. The sun streamed through my curtains and woke me up. It had been a long day yesterday. I sat up in my bed. After ten years, I finally had my parents back. It didn't seem real. I hoped it was though. I walked out of my room and down the stairs to find Aunt Cami already eating.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Your parents are having alone time today. Teal is still asleep, and Lilac went out a little while ago for some appointment." She said as she ate another bite of her cereal and read the paper.

"Oh. What kind of appointment?"

"She didn't say. She said she'd be back a bit later, though." My plan for girl time had gone down the drain,.

"Guess I'll go wake Teal up then." I said somewhat sleepily. I walked up the stairs and quietly unlocked to door. I crept over to his bed. He was still sleeping pretty soundly.

"Good Morning, Teal!" I screamed as I jumped on top of him.

"Pinky! Get off and let me sleep!" He yelled and pulled the covers back over his head.

"But Teal! I wanna do something!" I whined.

"Go look at your scrapbook!" He said grumpily.

"But I already know what's in it! Besides! Don't you want quality time since we haven't seen each other in ten years?"

"We saw each other yesterday." He said in a somewhat whiney voice. I leaned over by his head.

"OW! Why the hell did you just bite me!" He said clutching his ear. I smiled.

"Got you up, didn't it?" I smiled in satisfaction. He glared at me. I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Don't look at me like that." He said guiltily. My secret weapon. After a few seconds he finally spoke.

"What do you want to do?" He asked in defeat.

"Shopping." I smiled. He groaned.

"I hate shopping."

"But you love me." I said in a sing-song voice. I went to my room to get dressed and then informed Mario that we would like to go to the mall. Once Teal dragged himself downstairs, we were off.

"So what, exactly, are we looking for?" he asked.

"A present for mom and dad." I smiled. He didn't.

"You haven't completely accepted him, have you?"

"He walked out on us Rosa! He broke ma's heart! You should've seen her. Drunk off her ass every weekend. Smoking like her precious cigarettes would cure her of her heartbreak."

"He came back. He didn't want to leave. I think I understand that more than anyone."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because…Aunt Cami would always tell me stories of dad when he was still young. She said that he was a rebel. Got drunk. Smoked. She said when he met mom, everything changed. He stopped doing it as much. At least the smoking. She said that when we were born…he was always smiling. He always helped with us." I paused for a moment. "Please, Teal don't hold it against him. He only left because he thought it'd make things easier for mom and us. He wouldn't have done it if he thought it was wrong."

"How can you possibly have so much faith in people?"

"Because…people all start out the same. Innocent. The only thing that changes is how they feel about things. No one is completely evil. Not even our cousins. And if he really didn't love her anymore, then why would they have been so close to each other last night. I don't know if you noticed, but they rarely left each other's side."

"No, I haven't." He said. The look on his face was stone cold. He didn't care about our dad at all. It was easy t see. I wasn't trying to change his mind. I just wanted him to at least try to get along. If not for our dad, for our family. I just hoped that maybe some quality time would do some good.

"So why exactly are we getting them a present anyway?"

"For their anniversary." I stated.

"Anniversary? You mean they never officially got a divorce?"

"I don't know. Even if they did, it's still they're anniversary. Our family's back together again. Isn't that reason enough to celebrate?"

"My mom's alive." I told my counselor.

"That's wonderful, Lilac! But, I thought you said she died of brain cancer?"

"That's what I thought. Apparently I come from a really mean family. All of my mom's sisters disowned her and said that they'd make my parents split up. They threatened them multiple times. And finally my dad left my mom so they'd stop. But it didn't work."

"Why did your dad keep you then?" She asked.

"I have a brother and a sister. My Aunt kept my sister, and my mom kept my brother. Probably so that they could be reminded of each other. I've been told I look a lot like my mom. And my brother looks a lot like my dad."

"How do you feel knowing he kept this from you?"

"I kind of understand it actually. I wish he hadn't, but I know why he did it. He wanted me to as uninvolved as possible."

"What are your siblings like?"

"Rosa's my sister. She's bubbly and fun to be around. She's really sweet and she's always trying to make everyone happy. And teal's my brother. He's really protective over me and Rosa. He's a punk. Not one of those guys that goes around making trouble for everyone, he's just…a bit misunderstood."

"Are you living with them now?"

"Yeah. We're living in my aunt's house."

"Is she from your mother's side?" I nodded. "But didn't you say her family threatened her?"

"All except aunt Cami and my granny. Granny was against the whole disowning thing. She said that you should forgive mistakes, but they didn't listen. They kept talking about how she disgraced our family. But Aunt Cami helped my mom a lot with the pregnancy. And when we were born."

"So you have a twin?" She asked.

"Actually, we're triplets." She nodded.

"Have you been taking your medication?" The dreaded question. I faked a smile.

"Yep! Every day, just like you told me to." I gave my usual answer. She believed me and handed me a piece of paper with my next appointment on it. I walked out of the office and down the hall to the waiting room. I bought a soda from the machine. I walked outside and waited at the bus stop. Aunt Cami had offered someone to drive me wherever I needed to go, but I declined. I didn't want anyone to know. Especially not mom or dad. I didn't want to disappoint dad, and I just got my mom back. I didn't want her to think any less of me.

The bus finally arrived and I boarded it. It was practically empty, so I didn't have to worry too much about sitting beside some weird stranger. I opened the book I was reading and continued from where I left off. Right as I found my spot someone sat beside me. I looked up and saw non other than Pam.

"Well, hi there bookworm." She said in a sarcastic happiness.

"Um…hi." I mumbled.

"What? You think you're too good to talk to me?" She said. She was getting angry.

"No." I said unsure of what would be a good answer. Apparently none would've been a good choice.

"God, you're stupid. Maybe that's why you were at the mental institution. Getting meds for your mental deficiency." She smirked. I stared in horror. "Oh, I'm sorry, was that something private?" I couldn't speak. "You know, I might not tell anyone if you do a few things for me." I knew she was going to use me. But, I guessed it was better than having it blown out of proportion if she told the story. "What do you say?" I simply nodded my head. "That's wonderful…what's your name again?" She asked, making fun of me.

"Lilac." I said softly.

"That's right! I don't like that name, it's ugly, ha! Just like you! So I'll just keep calling you bookworm, bookworm! Well, bookworm! Right now I have to meet a few of our cousins at the mall for a little bit of a shopping spree. You know how it is when you're rich…oh wait, no you don't!" She laughed. She stood up and looked down at me. "I'll keep in touch." She smirked and got off the bus. I had a bad feeling about this.

Rosa and I had been at the mall all day and had yet to find anything of interest, or worth for our parents. But we did manage to find quite a few outfits for Rosa. At least ten. If not more. Thankfully, Mario took some out to the limo, so we didn't have much to carry.

"Wow." Rosa ran ahead and looked in a window. I walked over to where she was standing. It was a store of collectibles. There were a bunch of glass statues inside. The one Rosa was looking at was of two doves. They were staring in each other's eyes and had a few decorative flowers on them. Rosa wandered into the store without saying a word.

"Sire?" she asked. The man yawned and noticed us standing at the counter.

"Hello, miss." He said happily. "What can I do ya?" He had an old accent, like he was from somewhere in Europe.

"I was wondering, what is the price of the two doves in the window?" He bent over and found a large notebook. He opened it and found the pricings for the glass doves.

"One hundred and ninety-five dollars ma'am." I whistled at how much they were.

"That much money for a couple of doves?" His gentle eyes looked back at me.

"Not just any doves young man. These are called llardros." I looked at him strangely.

"Yardrows?" He smiled.

"They're hand carved in Spain. They're very beautiful. These doves are very popular." Rosa seemed to lose interest in them once he said that.

"Do you have anything…special?" I asked. He looked at me.

"I think I know something that you'll like very much." He smiled and led us to the back of the store. He disappeared into the back room. When he returned, he held a small box. He led us back to the counter and began unwrapping the llardros. It was a mother and father standing together with three children in a circle around them. They were smiling. The man reached for the bottom of the statue and twisted a small key in the back of it. Soon a quiet melody began playing. The three children danced around the couple, or at least they seemed to. They spun around until the music stopped.

"This is a limited addition, only forty like them in the entire world. It's a very well kept secret." He stated.

"Then why are you showing it to us?" I asked. Rosa remained silent, something I hadn't known she was capable of being.

"I believe that the llardros belong to certain people. And that I'll know when someone deserves it. And I believe you two deserve it.

"How much is it?" She asked. I could tell this is what she wanted. Something unique. Something our parents could be proud of.

"My dear, its original price is three thousand, but for you two, I'll charge as much as the doves are worth." He smiled. Rosa smiled from ear to ear.

"Thank you! But…can you hold it for us? I want our sister to be here when we buy it." The shopkeeper nodded.

"Of course my dear. I'm sure your parents will love this." He smiled again and put it back into the box. We thanked the man and then left to find Mario and the limo.

"Did you find anything?" Mario asked.

"Yes!" Rosa smiled.

"Where is it?"

"It's on hold." I explained.

"That old man was weird." Rosa said. "But he was kind."

"How was he weird?" I asked.

"It was like…he knew what we were looking for. Like he knew who we were and what we wanted to find.

"I wonder what the song was that the lladro was playing." I thought aloud.

"Johann Pachebel's Canon in D." She said dreaming out the window.

"How do you know about that?" I asked.

"You can't play piano and not find out about Canon in D. It's on of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard." She said.

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