A quote to foreshadow…

"I'm going to make him think there's a light at the end of the tunnel and then I'm going to be the train coming the other way." Jake from Becker

Behold, another one of my very long stories that never finish… I hope this will be the one.

The town of Iilieay was a festive one today. People packed the streets parading and celebrating the anniversary of the town. It had been fifty years since the town had established itself as an independent one after a warrior names Sir Iilieay courageously stood up for the well being of his hometown over his own. He died and battle and never had the opportunity to see the ones he had saved. However, he was never forgotten.

As she looked up at the billboards of celebrities and other world-known icons either greatly loved or hated because of their contributions that affected millions, Silver wondered to herself, How could they achieve so much in one lifetime? Determination? Luck? Whatever it was, she admired them. It inspired her to do much of what she did everyday. Right now, it was to rob the corner store on Main street without getting caught.

She had an advantage; With a lifetime of street residency, she learned to blend in the crowd. She was average in height; her brown eyes were often hidden away by her light black hair. The only distinctive features would be the scar across her left eye and two strips of Silver hair, hence her given name, self chosen of course. She covered these features with a hat and covered her face as casually as she could.

In no particular rush, she approached the shop. Its merchandise had been arranaged with utmost care where items were arranged into shelves in alphabetica order, after the had bee categorized as what they were- groceries,, desk appliances, shop tools, and whatnot.

It seemed to be such a shame for her to mess up what had been so perfectly laid out. Then again, it was the reason why Silver chose this particular shop. Everything was so conveniently displayed- and it made it easier for her to find what she had in mind with less time. Inside were about four or five customers, a comfortable number of people, especially when it came to what she had in mind. Before she had entered, she knew what she had wanted. It was not the first time she had stolen from this particular shop for obvious reasons. In fact, she was quite familiar with the location of most of the products. First and foremost, she took a bundle of carrots. She knew that they were the best in the entire village. Next, she took a loaf of bread, a bottle of water… the list could go on and on… Next, she saw a packet of smokes; She had never tried but she had always wanted to. The temptations of those who claimed one could get addicted in a snap urged Silver to prove how wrong they were. She took some matches, tuned to reassure herself that the coast was clear, then she took the packet… "Ahem, can I help you?" The question came out rhetorically in her case. She dropped the packet, she had been caught.

Silver dashed out onto the street holding a loaf of bread and carrots under her jacket and later stuffing them into her bag.. "Stop thief! For the store's sake, couldn't you target some other village? Next to taxes, you are the kind of people that devour my profits to a minimum." Shop keeper Sam protested. He was a man in his early thirties with a sense of humour in almost any situation. In some cases, his laughter would be considered inappropriate for many situations. He also routinely worked out. Despite his superb condition, he was no match for Silver's supernatural speed. He knew she would come, but strangely enough, never bothered to take her in. She stopped to reconsider, but only for a brief moment.

"I'll pay you back." Silver remarked in an almost too promising tone and ran off. Steamed, Sam shouted, "How could you possibly pay me back? Get a job or something legal to occupy your time."

"Get a job?"

"Didn't you hear me the first time? For someone who's constantly aware of her surroundings, your comebacks are pretty dull." He remarked. Silver groaned, not because she had not thought of anything to counter with, but because of the fact Sam had not finished lecturing, "It's teens like you- you think you can get away with everything. And you have no respect for others, or their property. You're supposed to be our future. How are we to trust you?"

"You won't have to… once you're dead, it won't really matter to you." Silver had to cut in. She couldn't resist, nor could she take his lecturing much longer. By now, both of their voices had raised a tone or two, and the crowd began to gather.

"Bybe I'm wrong. You do have good comebacks. You do listen… but you refuse to move onto the next step and actually follow instructions with actions…" He had more to say, but Silver wasn't listening. All she heard was a blend of noises and every third sentence or so was, "For the town's sake, get a job!"

In a rage, she could bear no more, "That's enough!" She hollered to the top of her lungs. "You've been here awhile, haven't you? Do you know of anyone in their right mind that would hire someone with a reputation like mine?" Silver snapped. Sam fell silent as he watched her take off with the stolen merchandise. That didn't stop the other onlookers of the crime. "You're awful, stealing from respectable business owners. You deserve your horrible reputation." One of the out-spoken villagers remarked.

"Reputation? She has no reputation. She deserves a chant." Another added.

"Silver, Silver always there

To diminish your stock to a bare

Thief and cheater apply to her name

She deserves this disgracing fame

Acting like an intellect

She never gains any respect

Instead she wanders in frustration

Never to reach a destination."

The chant continued as Silver retreated into the shadows. "Poetic freaks, " she muttered under her breath. Did they just make that up from the top of their heads? It was the third time this month Silver had stolen. She had always made sure to make her presence as discreet as possible, but today had not been one of those days. She knew she had to be more careful.

Taking her mind off her outburst, she took out the loaf of bread, still warm from the oven. As she ate her breakfast, she wondered, about what Sam had said. "What I life I have. All I do is steal, eat, sleep… steal, eat, sleep… and the cycle goes on, for the rest of my life." Silver thought out loud, since, there was no one to talk to. All her life, she had been a loner. She had no one to care for, no one to care what she did and did not need to commit to anything.

Getting a job would be difficult. It involved commitment, and good social skills, they were boring and tedious, but it would give her that much more respect: no more having to depend on fast reflexes to barely survive, or steal from small-profit businesses.

I could be… respected.

I believe our thoughts are in sync. A thought from nowhere surfaced her mind. Who was 'our'? The thought quickly dissolved away in Silver's ever-filtered mind. Another caught her attention. Behind her, she heard the wheels of what sounded like an experienced skate boarder. "You're quite the escape artist." A voice from behind complimented. Silver wasn't sure she heard right. No one had complimented her as far as she could remember.

She turned only to find the skater boy collide right in her face. They both fell onto the merciless stinging pavement of a back alley. It was too dark for her to identify what exactly it was that caused her so much pain.

"Watch it!" She yelled.

"Whoa," he responded, in attempts to simmer down the tension. "I was paying you a compliment."

"In the state I'm in, I'd rather be paid in cold hard cash."

"Well, you could." He optimistically replied, picking himself up, while dusting off the dirt.

"What are you talking about?" She asked, suspicious and on her guard.

A face came with the voice. "I've seen your work. You never get caught, you have witty comebacks, and you always get what you want." He was a man a few years older than Silver herself. He was tall and slender in figure, with short-cut dark hair, blue eyes, and a sense of charisma. With the skating gear, it seemed as if he still had an inner child within him. Strangely enough, his attitude and charactered were quite matured. One could assume he had much experience in charming people to get what he wanted.

"So get to the point. I don't have all day for this guessing game."

"Alright." He said as if he had expected as much from her. "How would you like to get yourself a job?"

"What kind? I don't qualify for any jobs that are worth working for."


"Come again?" A confused expression came upon her face.

"You heard right, stealing. If you're successful, you could be making yourself a great living, and I don't mean a regular pay job… No, I mean millions." He gave her a smile to settle what he proposed. The deal seemed too good to be true. Silver thought, which was a feeling sensed by the mysterious figure. "However, there are qualifications you must meet."

"Ah, so there are strings attached." Silver didn't fail to point out.

"I never said there wouldn't be." The figure replied. "It won't be too hard… not for you."

"What is this that you are talking about?" A curious voice inquired..

"It's a training course on stealing." He simply remarked.

"You don't answer more than I ask, do you?" Silver realized.

"Why should I? If more people were like this, fewer rumours would spread. The world would be a better place. So, I just see myself as trying to improve humanity." He defended with ease.

All Silver could think of was, "You're pathetic, so much that it seems funny."

"You could have kept that to yourself-"

"And why should I? If more people were like this, we wouldn't have to go around each other saying everything's just fine and dandy, the world is a wonderful place to live in, and whatever we feel is unfair can be taken into another perspective to be made just." Silver said with definite frustration.

In a confused yet cautious manner, he responded, "I don't exactly know what you said, but I have a feeling I hit a sore spot."

"As if I'd tell you. I don't even know your name."

"S'funny, I don't know yours either." He countered.

"Well, you're the one who approached me so I think you should tell me who you are first."

"Fair enough, my name's Ocian, Newt Ocian."

"Swift sky silver."

"Now are you going to apply for this job or not? I don't have all day." Ocian asked.

"I suppose…" Silver thought, "It's not like I have much of a future if I don't.

"Indeed you won't," an unnecessary comment from Ocian to seal the deal. Silver gave him a look to tell him he may have overdone his remarks. Ocian backed down slightly. "What you have to do is sign here, which means you have committed yourself to this training program."

Silver read over the contract and signed.

"Perfect." Ocian said all too well.

The next thing she knew, Silver was surrounded in an unfamiliar atmosphere where all the walls (if any) were pitch black with no borders, the floor that she could not feel reflected that of a clear dark sky with star light that illuminated the area. The ceiling had no limit, and her mind raced to identify where she was. Around her were others who appeared from nowhere. At first, it was frightening, but taking into consideration she too was not sure how she had entered, the feeling subsided. Perhaps I came in the same way, she thought to herself. There was no turning back. She would just have to take what was coming at her head on… Despite what she may have had gotten herself into.