Warning: This is a slash. For the innocent minded, that means this story includes a homosexual couple. If you do not like this, do not continue reading.

I do accept constructive critisism. However, rudeness and flames will be ignored.


The relationship between Jared Adalia and Derek Xenophon went unnoticed for only three months. Those who knew the two young men would agree that the time period was a great deal longer than it may seem, for neither one was prone to discretion. They often did things for the shock effect. It was merely habit to act first and think later. Thus, their ability to actually hide their relationship was an astounding feat on their part.

Though the signs of their relationship were there, they were very subtle. They always seemed to be very close. They spoke alone on occasion, and stood very close, sometimes touching. It was never intimate touching, unless they knew they were being watched. Even then only Derek did it in a joking manner. Jared pretended to be disgusted. The simple fact was that they were very careful to keep their love for one another hidden. Any doubt that may have arisen in anyone's mind was quickly erased when they remembered two facts, the first being that Derek had a girlfriend, Phoebe Kimiko. The second fact was that Derek made it seem as though he were opposed to homosexuality. This was not true, as he was gay; yet no one knew this. His anti-homosexuality pretense was a persuasive one. He himself believed it up until State Contest, when he and Jared would head off to Tulsa with other classmates.

At least fourteen students from the Technology Center would be going to State Contest that year, eight of which came from the Web Site Design class. Jared and Derek were of these eight, joined by Eric Amon for the adult web design team. Three others went as the high school team. The last two individuals, one of which was Phoebe, competed in other areas.

They arrived safely, and the instructor went to the hotel to confirm the reservations. That night, Derek kissed his girlfriend before going to bed.

"Ah, how sweet." Eric mocked as Derek entered the room and closed the door behind him. "Do I get a goodnight kiss too?"

"Shut up." Derek ordered, smiling to hide his embarrassment.

"Ah I get it, you're sweet on Jared." Eric continued, and Derek finally gave in.

"Yeah, we've been going out...how long?" Derek joked. Jared was too busy flipping through the channels on television to pay attention to either of them. Derek, not one to appreciate being ignored, tackled Jared. As Derek tried to kiss Jared on the cheek, Jared fought to push him away.

"Dude, get off of me!" He complained, pushing Derek away. Derek refused to be deterred.

"Just one kiss honey!" Derek insisted, before at last placing his lips on the younger man's cheek. Having done this, he allowed himself to be shoved off of the bed, and chuckled in amusement. Jared wiped his cheek furiously where Derek had kissed him, and glared at the man on the floor.

"That was disgusting!" He spat at Derek.

"Oh, you know you liked it!" Eric countered mischievously.

"Dude, whatever!" Jared mumbled, getting up and heading for the door. "I'm getting out of here."


That night, much to Derek's dismay, Jared, who took up the spaces that were normally reserved for Phoebe, invaded all of Derek's dreams. What was worse was that while his dreams of Phoebe were chaste ones, those of Jared were far from innocent.

"Derek," Jared began at the opening of one dream, "Derek, come here. I need to show you something." Jared was sitting in front of his computer at school. Derek complied with the request.

In big, bold letters, the words were written, "Make love to me." Or at least that was what the letters meant. The jumbled letters on the screen had no real significance, but at the moment it had made perfect sense to Derek.

"Of course," Derek agreed, instantaneously wrapping his arms around the younger man's neck and kissing him softly on the cheek. Jared turned the chair around and pulled Derek down on top of him, so that Derek was straddling him. They moved passionately against one another, kissing.

Derek woke with a start. His eyes flew open to find his face was only an inch away from Jared's. Derek flipped over and tried to ignore the remnants of the dream that returned to his mind. It didn't help that, as Derek slipped further back to sleep, Jared started making grunting sounds. A hand slid around Derek's bare middle and onto his stomach, wakening him anew. He could feel Jared's body pulling closer to his.

Derek cursed mentally. There was a strain in his shorts, and he hated it. Was it possible that he was actually turned on by Jared? He shivered as the warm fingers shifted slightly, yet made no move to remove them, or to make the other body leave. Instead, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. This only made the situation worse. With nothing for his eyes to focus on, his mind paid special attention to the feel of the warmth of Jared's skin. Derek's breathing was short and sparse. He dared not breath too deeply for fear of waking Jared. The hand crept lower gently, until it rested just barely above Derek's crotch. Derek groaned from the guilty longing of an unfulfilled pleasure. The night was going to be a long one.


While the other thirteen travelers were well rested and oblivious to the previous night's tortures, Derek was in a foul mood from lack of sleep. He still couldn't bring himself to think that he was gay and in love with another man. Yet seeing Phoebe did not produce the same fleeting joy as it always had. Derek tried to justify this by telling himself it was shame from his dream the night before. Jared's touches had not made his suffering any easier, even if he hadn't been awake when he had begun to touch Derek.

Unfortunately, it was Phoebe who received the brunt of malice born from Derek's guilt and weariness. Patient soul that Phoebe was, she endured it, and did her best to try and find the source of the problem. Normally, Derek would have given in and told her everything that bothered him. This morning, though she could tell he was holding back something, all Phoebe was able to extract from Derek was that he simply had not slept well the night before.