By: luhkiebunnie

A/N: Hey all!! Don't worry about the play format....It'll disappear when the story begins, and everything will be normal. (Just the chibi parts are in play format.) Though, there are some parts in the story, where the chibi people come back! But I solemnly swear that those are the only places where the play format comes back! (and this is the largest chibi part) ^_^ Now! On with the randomness!!

Disclaimer: We don't own Finding Nemo! ha ha, But everything else.....YES!


A delightful scene of two prestigious schools scrolls across the page.

High pitched voice: Once upon there were two schools…..and two girls…..

A brunette pops up in a bubble.

Brunette: One in each school!

Another bubble pops up with a smaller girl with black hair.

Little Girl: *grumbling* No, not one in each school. As I was saying…Two schools and two girls.

The schools show up again, along with the two girls.

Little Girl: The two girls that would decide the fate of the------

Brunette: *pops up again* World!!

Little Girl: *also pops up again* NO!! *whips out a mallet and bonks the brunette in the head* OF THE SCHOOLS!

Brunette: *whimpering and holding head in pain* Owie…. *takes out her whip and grows to the size of a house, towering over the little girl* THAT HURT!!!

Little Girl: *eyes grow big* Oh no!!!! *runs away*

A title flashed across the next page of the manga: PROLOGUE.

Brunette: *looking up at title* Ooooh, pretty…. Nice way to start off things….

Little Girl: *adjusts her glasses* I know, so very….creative… *looks left and right* Maybe we should start the manga now….from the beginning…

Brunette: No!! Not from the beginning!! *makes shifty eyes and starts whispering* That's what they're expecting! We should start from the end!!

Scenes pop up of the two girls climbing a huge mountain, of walking through Japan with kimonos on, and of scuba diving with orange fish.

Brunette: YEAH!! That's right! *clenches fist and look triumphant* We found Nemo!!

Little Girl: *slaps forehead* Ignore her…

Brunette: *still rambling* They said I couldn't do it!! They said it could never be done!! But I proved them wrong!! I caught that…..

Little Girl: *pushes the brunette out of the way* Never mind her…..I'm Nanashi Atshushi! I'm 16. And that nut over there, *points behind her to the brunette* is Yoshi Ouchi.

Yoshi: And we painted the side of the Empire State Building and swung around with Tarzan in San Francisco and…..

Nanashi: *hangs head* She's also 16 *turns around and yells at her* THOUGH SHE MAY NOT ACT LIKE IT!

Yoshi: And then we visited Saint Pius in Antarctica! Then we went whoosh on the glaciers cuz it was fun! *does the whooshing hand movement*

Nanashi: *rolls eyes and pulls out portable chalkboard and pointer* We are… *looks behind her at Yoshi, who is still talking…* I AM here to tell you about our story! It all starts with St. Rose Academy for Young Ladies! *points to board, where a picture of the school is*

Yoshi: *runs in and pushes the board out of the way* You're making our story boring! What really happened was that we met this magical panda and he gave us some cake! Oh, and then-----

Nanashi: *¬_¬ - looks like that* NONE OF THAT EVEN HAPPENED!!!!

Yoshi: *stares off into space* Oh, must have been one of my weird dreams again…

Nanashi: *sighs* Like when you turned into the tombstone?

Yoshi: *nods head a lot* YEAH!

Nanashi: *rolls eyes again and turns back to readers* Maybe it would be best if we just SHOWED you the story, rather than tell you it from this perspective…..

Yoshi: Wait! You forgot to tell them! We're not midgets!! *looks Nanashi up and down* Correction, I'm not a midget!!

Nanashi stares Yoshi down as Yoshi draws on the blackboard.

Yoshi: *points to the blackboard, where there are stick figures* This is how we look!! Except…my legs aren't that skinny….and my eyes aren't so small….and my hair doesn't look like snakes….and my nose….

Nanashi: Be quiet, that ain't the real us!! *turns back to audience* You see, the form we are in at the moment is our chibi form!!

Yoshi: *squeals* Chibi chibi! So cute!

Nanashi: *holds up photo* This is the real us! (photo is of a tall girl with her hair tied in a bun and of a much shorter girl with her black hair down and wearing glasses)

Yoshi: *yawns and rubs eyes* Yeah, that's us all right….. *plops*

Nanashi: Awww, poor ittle Yoshi Woshi is all out of gas!! *whips out sugar bowl, as flames flare up behind her* It's my turn now!! *turns to readers* Oh, and enjoy the story!

Nanashi grabs Yoshi by the shirt collar with one hand and starts dragging her off, holding the sugar bowl in the other and laughing evilly….