Scribble, scribble, scribble. Scratchity scratch.

"That can't be right!" Rub rub rub, WHOOSH. Away the eraser debris flew around the classroom, engulfing the rest of the students around her as she blew the eraser away.

Thud, went her elbow on the desk. Bounce, bounce, bounce went the pencil on the page. "That can't be it either!"

Scritch scratch scribble.

"UGH!" screamed a frustrated Yoshi, as she stood straight up, clutching her head. "I just don't get this mathematics, shmathematics at ALL!"

Takeshi pulled her on the shoulder gently, saying, "Hun, it's just the end of year evaluation. Just fill in the bubbles."

"Oh, hee hee. Thanks sweetie!" Yoshi gave her boyfriend a peck on the cheek and sat back down. She filled in the scantron evaluation by creating a happy face with the bubbles, and happily skipped it up to the front of the class.

Takeshi smiled as she hopped up and down the classroom. She always made his heart skip a beat when she was near, and he was already feeling sad about the prospect of her transferring back to her old school.

He felt his athletic girlfriend's hands rest gently on his shoulder. "I'm going to go check on Nanashi!"

Takeshi, shaken out of his thought process, nodded and let her grab his hand and lead her to the cafeteria.

The little girl was waiting there, holding a vigil in front of the doors. She danced from foot to foot, alternating between tucking her short hair behind her ears and taking out her calculator to figure out how high her grades could possibly be after the finals. She had been waiting there since last night, and the bags under her eyes were a sure indicator of her sleeplessness.

Nanashi was wringing her hands when Yoshi and Takeshi came striding up. "Not out yet?" the brunette asked hopefully.

The little one shook her head and furrowed her eyebrows. "They NEVER take this long, do they?!"

Yoshi shrugged and giggled. "They took TWICE as long to post the rankings at St. Rose, so relax!" She patted Nanashi on the head and continued to drag Takeshi into the cafeteria. He gave her a thumbs up and she smiled weakly back.

"My my, the indomitable Nanashi seems to be nervous for once. Does my dollface need a little cheering up?" Nanashi cringed at the sound of that voice and looked down to see a heavily bandaged Hiro looking up at her, making a kissy face. Well, what could be interpreted as a kissy face. His whole head was bandaged, mummy style, so she couldn't tell for sure.

She grumbled and looked the other way. Hiro darted around her and looked back up, trying the kissy face again. The frustration from waiting was already weighing down on her, and she was already tired of dealing with the little annoyance. She pinched the bridge of her nose as if to calm a migraine, and asked as nicely as she could, "What do you need now?"

"Just your love, baby." He reached for her hand, which she pulled back in disgust. She could feel the red creeping up in her eyes already.

"Aww, come on, sweet cheeks?" Hiro stepped closer and made a grab for her hand again. "Leave that pretty boy, Sato, and come have a good time with a real man!"

Nanashi was at her limit. She gritted her teeth, wound back her arm, AP English book in hand, but in midswing, another book smacked Hiro in the face. Hiro flew back up against a wall, which seemed to be his favorite defeated pose lately. As his limp body slid down, Nanashi could see the title "Mental Retardation" tattoed on his bandaged forehead.

She turned around to see Sato in a throwing stance. He grinned a crooked smile at her and winked.

"I thought my darling girlfriend would need a little help."

Nanashi grinned back, and suddenly Sato was seeing stars. She stepped over her boyfriend and sat down on his face-down body, which had "AP English" branded on his cheek. "Thanks, sweetie! I needed a chair."

Sato groaned and flipped over, wrapping his arms around and trapping his small girlfriend. "Anytime," he said, pecking her on the cheek. She rolled her eyes and blushed, but didn't resist.

"And I thought they would never get along…" Shino whispered to Mitsuya as the two other boys passed the usually bickering couple. There was silence.

"Mitsuya? Mitsuya!" Shino turned to his friend, who was frozen staring at them.

"Sitting…. In lap…. On top of his…." A single red drop emerged out of his nose and dripped to the floor. Shino rolled his eyes and dragged Mitsuya into the cafeteria to the table with the most food piled on it.

Takeshi and Yoshi peaked around her mountain of delectables and waved at them. She disappeared behind the stack again and continued to eat without a care in the world. All that could be heard was her munching and crunching.

"So, whatcha gonna do when she transfers back next year to St. Rose's?" Mitsuya asked over Yoshi's loud eating sounds. Takeshi shrugged.

"She's only across the way…"

"But, no more classes with her! And definitely no more dorm raids either," remarked Shino. The boyfriend sighed.

"It would be nice to spend our senior year together, I guess… But, she has to go back." Shino cocked one eyebrow up.

"Does she? We never quite figured out what the whole terms of the bet were… and it kind of hinges on whether Nanashi – "

"WAHOOOOOOO!!" A tiny blur came running into the cafeteria, whipping around all of the tables. It was strangely reminiscent of the two girls' first day there.

The gust of wind travelled around the whole area, pausing a little bit at the desert line, before finally ending its path of destruction at the table already full of food. When the dust cleared, standing atop the table, in front of Yoshi's food pile, was a triumphant looking Nanashi, holding a huge bowl of ice cream.

She pointed down at Sato, who had sauntered in during the commotion unnoticed and was now standing right in front of her.

"IN YOUR FACE!" the little girl proclaimed, taking a big mouthful of ice cream into her tiny mouth. "I'm number one! I'm number OOOOONE!!!" She proceeded to do a victory dance that included mowing the lawn, churning the butter, turning the sprinkler, and raising the roof, all to the 'congratulations' shouted from the boys on all sides of the cafeteria.

"OH OH, catch me!" Yoshi cried, jumping to the side of her food. Nanashi obliged, and threw out her imaginary reel to catch the flapping Yoshi fish. Sato pretended to look defeated, but couldn't help but grin.

"Congrats, flat-as-a-board," he said in a mock-begruntled tone, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

"YEAH, that's what you get, air for –HEY!!" Nanashi was interrupted in her insult by Sato, who had picked her up and swung her around like a rag doll.

"Well, guess that settles it," Takeshi sighed, placing his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders.

"Settles what?" Yoshi asked, cocking her head to one side.

"The bet."

"What bet?"

SQUUUEAAAK, went the loudspeakers. Nanashi, dizzy from when Sato finally let her down, stumbled around on her feet and tried to cover her ears. Too bad she was still trying to gain balance, and sidestepped all the way into a trip into the nearest trashcan.

"Hello hello, my fine young boys!" blared an all too familiar voice. "How are my lovely gentlemen this morning?" Over the speakers was heard the sound of a fan being opened and flapped vigorously.

"It's Mr. Higashiyama!!" squealed Yoshi, clapping her hands together in delight.

"Mmmmfmmmhhmmm?!" Nanashi's legs were sticking straight of the trash can. No one had bothered to pull her out for the past few moments, until Sato finally yanked the little one right out. He received a proper punch on his jaw when he dangled her upside down for a bit too long.

"Would you please find my two darling girlies, Yoshi Ouchi and Nanashi Atsushi, and escort them to the principal's office?"

All the boys, who had stood silent during the announcement in surprise, then exchanged devilish glances. With a nod from the loud mouthed Masaru, the whole cafeteria descended upon Yoshi and Nanashi, lifting them up on their shoulders and carrying them to the office. Sato and Takeshi exchanged ominous glances.

"And so it begins," Takeshi remarked, dragging his feet. Sato patted him on the shoulder, and the two followed the crowd silently, as if going to meet their doom.

The rest of the guys pretty much crowdsurfed our two heroines all the way to the principal's office, with cheers of "CONGRATULATIONS," and "YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!" and "WOO HOO GO HOTTIES!" and "YOSHI AND NANASHI FOREVER!!" They dropped their much loved crossdressers in front of the office and continued to cheer as the girls got into the office. Even with the door shut, the girls could still hear the boys chanting "WE LOVE YOU, NANASHI AND YOSHI!!"

Yoshi and Nanashi were of course embarrassed, yet proud. They turned to face their own principal, Mr. Higashiyama, and Ms. Rin, the principal of St. Francis, with bright red, rosy faces. The two principals both had raised eyebrows as they examined the girls.

"Well, well, quite popular, are we?" Mr. Higashiyama remarked, grinning sheepishly and flapping his fan wildly.

"Yes," Ms. Rin said in her gruff voice. "It has been like this since nearly day one." The school leaders looked at each other regretfully.

"It's too bad the bet's over," sighed Mr. Higashiyama. "You two fine ladies have finished your task here at St. Francis."

Nanashi furrowed her eyebrow in confusion. Yoshi was blankfaced.

"You mean, we're not coming back here next year?" the taller one whimpered. She tossed a woeful glance at the still confused-looking Nanashi. Nanashi stared back, the gears turning in her head.

The crowd outside began chanting, "No, no! Don't take them away! WE LOVE YOSHI! WE LOVE NANASHI!"

The little one clawed the back of the chair that was in front of the principal's desk and leaned forward. Her eyes narrowed.

"Wait… what… exactly… were… the… terms… of… this… BET?!" she growled in a slow, menacing voice, eyes aflame with suspicion. Mr. Higashiyama cowered. Ms. Rin glared back, but behind the desk you could hear her knees rattling.

"Well, I just wanted to prove that my boys could outdo you girls," Ms. Rin said, nose up in the air. "But seeing as how my Sato and Mitsuya failed miserably in the face of the beautiful St. Rose girls…."

A few crashes were heard outside, and the silhouettes behind the door indicated that a few of the boys had stumbled and fallen. Nanashi recognized one of them to be the shadow of her boyfriend, and concluded that the other one that seemed to be spraying liquid everywhere was Mitsuya with a nosebleed. Ms. Rin rolled her eyes and continued.

"…Mr. Higashiyama and I decided to wait out on whether you two could possibly last out the year and succeed in the tasks given you." She crossed her arms in an intimidating sort of way, but a smile curled across her lips. "And you performed them quite admirably, if I must say so myself. I am very, very impressed."

Mr. Higashiyama also flashed them a smile. "Yes, you have won me the bet, my dear girlies!" Yoshi squealed in delight and ran up to her old principal to celebrate, jumping up and down in circles and hugging each other many times.

Nanashi was still dumbfounded as she examined the other principal, who stood off to the side of the celebration, looking smug and severe. She narrowed her eyes again at her.

"YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION! What were the terms of the—"

"The original terms were that the winner would get to rename the other school to their liking," Ms. Rin said, cutting off the angry little girl. "But, when Sato and Mitsuya were found out at St. Rose's, we decided to change the bet into more of a test. If you two succeeded in beating the boys here academically and physically, we would change the name of St. Francis of Assisi School for Boys permanently to…."

"ST. ROSE ACADEMY!" beamed Mr. Higashiyama.

"WHAT?!" exclaimed the two girls plus the boys crowded outside the door.

"But, we're St. Rose Academy!" Yoshi complained, bewildered. "They can't be it, too! Right, Na-chan?"

Yoshi tapped her friend on the shoulder. Nanashi was staring at the ground, deep in thought.

"No," the little one replied after a few minutes. "They can be… if we merge the two schools together."

Silence engulfed the whole office, as well as the crowd outside, as the realization sunk into everyone's minds.

A rock suddenly flew in threw the window and knocked Nanashi on the head, sending her tripping over the chair and falling on her butt against the wall.

"NANAAAAASHIIIIII ATSUUUUUSHIIIIIII I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!! DON'T LEAVE MEEEEE!!! I WILL WAIIIIIT FOR YOUUUU FOOOREEEEE— OOOF" It was Hiro Ino, declaring his love one last time. He was immediately silenced by a volume of Sherlock Holmes detective stories thrown by the quickly-recovered Nanashi.

"GET A CLUE, YOU MORON!!!" she bellowed out the window. "WE'RE HERE FOR GOOD!!!"

The principals shot surprised, scandalized looks at her, but this time Nanashi didn't care. She did something a little un-Nanashi-like, and ran up to her superiors to give them giant bear hugs. Yoshi ran over and yanked open the door to the office, causing a pileup of boys to form in the doorway.

"BOYS, we're here to stay!!" Everyone started hooting and hollering. Yoshi just giggled and pulled her boyfriend from the pile.

"I love you, Takeshi!!" she declared, jumping in his arms kissing him and causing the boys to cheer even louder. He squeezed her tightly, so relieved that they wouldn't be separated. He swung her around and dipped her, pulling up one of her legs. Sato made his way through the crowd behind the Takeshi-Yoshi mash-up and scooped up his little girlfriend in his arms before she could object.

"So St. Rose again?" he asked her, grinning his usual pretty boy smile.

"What?" she said indignantly, giving him a weak punch. "You must be used to it already, you air-brained, cross-dressing, idi—" She didn't get to finish, because he interrupted her with the softest, sweetest kiss she'd ever had.

Shino and Mitsuya exchanged cheerful glances, then cried, "TO ST. ROSE'S!!" as they led the charge over the bridge to the girls' campus. And there was much celebration and partying, for St. Rose Academy is a very silly place (think MONTY PYTHON and THE HOLY GRAIL :P).


Chibi Nanashi: *dancing* WOOO! We did it! We did it!

Chibi Yoshi: Woo! No eating here tonight! Woo! No eating here tonight!

Both: *both dancing in a circle* No no no eating here tonight, you on a DIET!

Chibi Furu: *pops in* WAIT. So it's done? And I'm not even in the ENDING!!

Chibi Emi: *walks in from other side, dragging her pom poms* Laaaame, I'm not in it either. *starts crying*

Chibis of Takeshi, Sato, Mitsuya, and Shino pop up: RELAX. There's still the PROLOGUE.



Chibi Sato: Ahem, *reading in a dead voice* And they all lived happily ever. *plays tape recorder with scary, haunting music*




Chibi Sato, Mitsuya, and Shino: Haha. Just Kidding.

Chibi Nanashi: *takes out a bazooka labeled LIBRARY 3000* You'll pay for that!! Muahahahaha!! *runs after all the boys.*

Chibi Yoshi: *Pops in and steals Takeshi away from the other running boys* Let's show them the real ending, honey! *kisses him on the cheek and leads him away, dragging a new panel with her.



RING RING RING RING. RING RING RING RING. RING RING RING RING. RING RING RING—SLAP. A tall brunette groaned as she snoozed her alarm and rolled over in bed. She looked across her dorm room at the snoring bundle of blankets and smiled. The familiar sound of the mouse wheel whirred, and when the girl looked in on the cage, the little creature squeaked 'Moooiiique!' back at her, before scurrying to tend to the rest of its squeaking family.

Yawning, the brunette got up and dragged herself to the bathroom to get ready. She put on her brand new uniform, which was in the same style as St. Rose's, but in the colors of St. Francis. She twirled and winked at the mirror, missing the bun she used to have to pin up before, but grateful to let her long curls flow freely.

There was a light, rapid tapping at the door that carried urgency. The brunette looked through the peephole, then squealed in delight at the sight of a tall boy with messy brown hair.

"TAKESHI!" she exclaimed, opening the door wide and tackling her boyfriend to the ground. "OH how I've missed you!!" She scattered kisses all over him.

"Yoshi, we've been hanging out all summer…. And our dorm rooms are right next to each other…." She sat back, still pinning him to the ground, and pouted. He grinned back and pulled her back into his arms.

Over the two stepped a pretty looking boy that was a little shorter than Takeshi, but with longer, darker hair. From the doorway, the boy sprinted and jumped high into the air, landing on the bundle of blankets which let out a loud screeching "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"Wake up, you little snot-nose crossdresser!! Don't wanna be late for your first class as a SENIOR do you?" The boy pinned down the squirming bundle, who finally managed to free a hand from his clutches, reach for a book labeled 'Psychology of Sleep,' and smack him in the head.

"You messed up my damn REM cycle, pea brain!!" shrieked an angry little girl. She sat straight up in bed and began scratching her head. Her short ebony hair was sticking up all over the place.

"Oh, so I'm upgraded to a pea brain from an air brain? You're still flat as an ironing board though, Nanashi!"

"Sato…." She growled at him. She grabbed a pillow, hopped out of bed, and started chasing him around the room and out down the hallway.

"Well, they sure look happy," a blonde remarked as Sato and Nanashi ran past in a blur.

"Of course, Emi, they're in LOVE!" declared a brunette with her hair in a braid.

"By the way," Emi said while examining herself in her compact. "What's that for, Furu?" She pointed to a fish bowl Furu was holding. Furu blushed.

"It's a present for…."

"Me?" a male voice answered. Furu whipped around to see Shino standing in front of her, carrying a plant. They gazed at each other with big watery eyes.

Emi rolled her own eyes, and turned around only to bump into Mitsuya. She grinned and pecked him on the cheek, then whispered, "Guess what?"

"W-what?" the boy stuttered.

"Victoria's Secret, page 69." Mitsuya looked startled, but nothing came gushing out. Emi cocked up one eyebrow.

"I-I, uh, went to a doctor, and, uhm, got it fixed," the boy said nervously, scratching his head in an awkward way. Emi smirked.

"I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW…." GUSH, SPLASH. Mitsuya was left in a pool of blood. The blonde sighed. "And we just remodeled this old building into dorm rooms, too." She dragged him off to the hospital building next door.

Yoshi and Takeshi watched all of this and laughed at their friends.

"Shall we?" Takeshi said, offering his elbow.

"We shall!" giggled Yoshi, looping her arm with his. They crossed over the bridge from the old St. Francis buildings that were now all dormitories to the St. Rose campus, whose dormitories were now all classrooms. Back over the bridge, in the opposite direction, raced Sato and Nanashi. Before they knew it, Yoshi and Takeshi heard a few screams and a huge SPLASH.

They whipped around to see a soaking Nanashi sitting on the shallow river bank with her hands crossed looking very huffy as a just-as-soaked Sato climbed up to meet her. She turned away from his face, but then a small smile appeared on hers as she let him caress her cheek and turn her face back to look at him. They shared a kiss before they got back up out of the river to finally get ready for the day.

"Should we wait for them?" asked Takeshi.

Yoshi grinned and shrugged. "Naw, I'm STARVING!" And they jogged hand in hand to the cafeteria to start their first day at the new St. Rose Academy for Young Women and Men.

Oh, and by the way…. Furu and Shino still stood and stared at each other. They stood like that for 3 hours before Emi dragged both of them away.



Chibi Takeshi, Sato, Shino, and Mitsuya: *pop up* That was too mushy. O_O

*Chibi Yoshi, Nanashi, Emi, and Furu pop up*

Chibi Yoshi: NO it was delightful!

Chibi Furu: SO CUTE!!

Chibi Emi: Gave me warm fuzzies inside!

*Chibi Sato makes gagging noises*

Chibi Nanashi: *glaring at Sato* Not like I wanted to end up with an idiot like you…

Chibi Sato: *sweeping up Nanashi in arms* who WOULDN'T want an idiot like me?!

Chibi Nanashi: *gags* I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

Chibi Yoshi: Well, we're happy! *snuggles up to Takeshi*

Chibi Emi: Us too! *grabs Mitsuya's hand* Victoria's secret, pg 24 *Mitsuya's nose shoots out blood like a rocket, firing them away*

Chibi Furu and Shino just gaze into each other's eyes and Emi and Mitsuya fly around the panel. Yoshi and Takeshi push Nanashi and Sato together, who give up bickering and actually smile. The four main chibis all smile for one last picture together, with Furu and Shino still drooling at each other in the background and Emi and Mitsuya whooshing around.


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