"Oh! That's right, folks the whole eight seconds and more!" An announcers voice rang over the arena floor, the crowd went wild for the younger girl getting up from the dirt. Dusting off her chinks she picked up her cowboy hat and ran from the bucking bronco that was turning back and running at her. Hopping the fence swiftly the crowd continued roar. "Oh, that bronco was sure a feisty one! I think we will be seeing Kaliska Jackson's name in the top grouping! And next, is Tyler Jason on Will She Be The End. And on deck."
The voice faded as Kaliska headed out of the stadium.
"Nice ride Kali!"
"Good job babe!" Kaliska smiled and thanked the voices congratulating her. She stopped in front of a horse trailer that was half trailer half living quarters. A whinny from a buckskin horse eating the grass beside the trail made her smile. Patting the horse that came trotting up to her she pulled a crunchy out of her pocket and gave it to the excited horse.
Another cry went up from the arena, "Oh my! This new comer might be some competition for Kaliska! Along with Kaliska Tyler Jason has a time of eight second and more!" Sighing Kaliska made her way over to the hose to fill pales with water. Taking off her cowboy hat she doused her head in the water. Flipping her long black hair back she heard a familiar laugh made her turn around.
"Morgan!" A blonde haired girl smiled and hugged Kaliska.
"A little hot were you?" She joked as she looked at Kaliska's soaked head.
"It's been a long morning,"
"Well its good I got here in time. Come on their announcing the winner!" Kaliska sighed and followed her inside.
"And in second!" The man's voice yelled. The crowd was silent, "Kaliska Jackson!" Morgan looked at Kali.
"That's awesome Kali! What's with the long face?" Morgan looked at her as they walked to the announcers box.
"Second isn't enough to pay my bills this month." Kali whispered. As soon as they reached the box, Kaliska acted happy and thankful! Smiling and thanking everyone she walked away grinning. An older lady came running up.
"Oh Hun! Only seventeen and already winning second in the Provincials! Your Mother and Father would have been so proud!" Kaliska felt as if she had been stabbed, but smiled kindly and gave the old women a hug.

"And first goes to Tyler Jason!" The crowd went wild for the young man. Kaliska headed back out to the trailer area where multiple trailers and fifth wheels and tents were set up.
Leaning on Kaliska trailer was a tall slender man with a white cowboy hat. Kaliska ran up to the man and jumping into his arms. " Derek!"
"Hey there!" The young 20-year-old cowboy flashed a knee-melting smile.
"Hey, Hey!" Morgan intervened, "I will have to ask you to step away from my fiancé!"
Kaliska twirled around to face Morgan, "Fiancé?" Morgan shook her head furiously and held out her hand. The two girls dancing around in circles singing, when finally Kaliska stopped and gave Morgan a hug, "I'm really happy for you two," Kali turned around to face Derek. "If you do anything though to break her heart." Kali said and then pounced on the man and started play fighting with him. Finally when Derek laughed an, 'I surrender' Kaliska smiled and opened the door to the other half of the trailer where she lived. "This calls for a drink, I'm sure I have something in here." Derek and Morgan poked their heads into the door. To see a messy pull out couch covered in clothes and small fridge and make shift kitchen and a small door at the end for the bathroom.
Seeing the two poking their heads in she quickly made for the fridge and then jumped out and slammed the door. Forcing a laugh she handed the two beers.
"You're not going to have one?" Derek laughed.
"No I have to rope in half an hour, later tonight." The three sat down on the edge of the trailer, as the buckskin came trotting up looking for treats.
" Kaliska." Morgan finally said holding the beer in her hands looking down, " You can't keep doing this,"
"Guys don't worry about me," Kaliska's black cowboy hat shaded her face, "I mean its ok right, one loss! I still have three more days here!" Kaliska looked at the new couple smiling she sighed, "I'll be fine, if you will excuse me I have a spoiled horse name Diego to saddle and get ready to ride," giving them both hugs she headed off to the arena.
"I thought she was going to saddle Diego?" Derek asked as he patted the buckskin that was in search of treats in Derek's pockets.

Kaliska walked with her head down heading towards the building. 'I'm fine, I don't need any sympathy.and besides I will do great this afternoon and then I will be able to get that new couch that doesn't fold itself in when you sleep' Kaliska's thoughts where quickly disrupted when a black horse came at a full run towards her. It's halter was still on the but the chain to the rope seemed to be gone. Kaliska tried to jumped out of the way but found her self stuck, in a rope. 'Who the hell leaves a rope in the middle of a field!'
"THUNDER!" A voice boomed stopping the horse it twirled around and started trotting to the voice like nothing was wrong. Kaliska angrily tried to untangle her leg from the rope.
"Who leaves a freaking rope in the middle of a field I mean what a hazard," Kaliska muttered.
"Well it looks like its just a hazard for you," a young mans voice laughed.
Kaliska shot up to find her self face to face with a young man around her age with dark blue eyes and a black cowboy hat. Kali's breath was taken away for a second then she remembered her leg in the rope and his horse that almost ran her over.
When she took a second to answer he introduced him self, "I'm Tyler Jason."
Finally she answered, "Yah I know who you are, and I would ask you to keep your horse tied so it doesn't run any other poor souls over."
"Excuse me?"
"Yes that was I said, your psycho horse should be tied up!"
" Well I wasn't the one walking in front of the horse so."
"What ever," Kaliska blew him off and threw the rope from her foot and stormed off, 'this day just keeps getting better and better' she stormed, as she tripped over a saddle landing face first in a water bucket. Sitting with her head dripping with water she could feel a small tear form and slid down alone with the water running from her hair. "I just want to be home." she whispered to her self.

"On deck is Kaliska Jackson riding Diego's Psycho, and in the hole is ." The announcers voice melted away as Kaliska stared out at the calf being chased down. Her day had gone down hill ever since she was almost ran over by Tyler's horse. He beat her in every competition she was in him with and she had fallen off three times. Which never usually happens.
"Kali, you can get in the box now," An old man smiled at her and opened the box gate. "Good luck,"
'That's what they all said' Kaliska thought to her self, shifting around in the saddle she fiddled with the lasso in her hand. She could feel Diego fidgeting under her just waiting for that gate to open then they would be out of the box like a flash of lighting. And every time he would set her up perfect, the same motion every time, rope 'um, dally, turn.
Tipping her hat and pulling her gloves tight she sat ready, and with a buzz of the bell they were out of the box like lightning. Straight for the calf, rope, dally, and turn. Jumping down she raced to the calf and threw her hand up after roping it.
Sighing she let the calf go, and the announcer yelled her time but she was in a daze, finally a decent run. Getting back on Diego again she rode out of the ring. Where she met Morgan and Derek and their two horses.
"Out for a ride?" Kaliska smirked. Both laughed.
" We're getting together tonight at our fifth wheel for some drinks," Morgan smiled, "so make sure to stop by and we are still on for cattle penning tomorrow right?"
"Hell yah!" Kaliska smiled, "I will see you guys in a bit I just have to put Diego away.
Derek and Morgan rode away holding hands, Kaliska sighed as she watched their silhouettes ride off. 'How did Morgan find such a perfect guy?' After putting Diego away in a barn stall she rented out for the weekend she headed into her trailer to change. Pushing clothes off her couch bed she searched around, picking out a hoddie and black jeans she cleaned up her room. Picking up pop cans off a counter she stopped and picked up a picture frame.
Rubbing off the dust she stared at the picture. In it a young girl in pigtails was hugging a tall slender woman who was being hugged by a man. The three faces smiled up at Kali. A feminine laugh filled the room and a young girl giggling. A tear rolled down her cheek. Kali quickly wiped it away with her sleeve. Coughing she set the picture down and went back to cleaning up the room.