Light rushed into the small room landing on Kaliska's face. Scrunching her nose and trying to close her eyes tighter she rolled over pulling her pillow over her head. What's wrong with me? These last few days have just been …crazy, I need to get out of here, I cant stay…what if Lance comes back and hurts more people…I wont let it happen anymore, its not right. Satisfied with her decision she pushed her pillow off her face. Slowly opening her eyes she looked up to find Scott standing over her. She grinned lazily as she stretched like a cat.

"You know you mumble in your sleep," Scott grinned pushing her to move over on her bed. Lying down beside her the pair stared up at the ceiling. Kaliska replied with a grunt resting her head on Scott's shoulder.

"I just want things to go back to the way they were…"

"Darlin' you know they wont…" Scott whispered quietly.

"Yah… I do…" Kaliska sat up and reached under the mattress pulling out a pack of smokes. Sticking one in her lips she fumbled threw her dresser to find a lighter.

"Love…please put that away."


"Love…you don't need them…"

Kaliska sighed and put it down, "You some how have this amazing way of talking me out of everything…I think it's the accent."

"Now darlin," Scotty paused, "You're probably right, or its my handsome smile!" Scotty smiled a lopsided grin making Kali laugh.

"Now don't get all cocky on me!" She lightly pushed his arm.

"Hey. Hey no need to get violent!" Pushing her back.

Kaliska screamed as she started to fall of the bed, quickly grabbing Scott's arm she pulled her down on to the floor with her. The two burst out laughing.

As Kaliska's laughs slowly subsided she smile at Scott, "God, I've missed you."

"I've missed you too…"

That night Scott left to visit family a few hours away leaving Kaliska in her trailer. She sat watching TV when the power went out. Setting down her fifth beer she got up.

"Oh for Christ sakes!" She mumbled rummaging her way through the trailer. She flicked a switch and her power came back on… "Stupid trailer…Stupid chair…OUCH…stupid book, stupid everything…" She slumped back onto the couch to stare at a blank television. A knock at the door made her jump out of her thoughts. "I'm coming!" She called as she started to get off the couch; she tripped over a bottle and fell to the floor laughing. "Don't worry I'm coming!" As she threw open the door she lead against it for support. Music from the campground filled her trailer and hoots and hollers made their way into the room.

"Apparently they are partying with out me!" She leaned out the door almost falling but was caught by two strong arms.


"Tyler? Why are you here? Did you knock on my door?"

He gave a small nod, and shifted uncomfortably, "Could I come in for a second?"

Kaliska considered what he said then pushed her self back into the trailer.

"I've come to apologies, I just want to say…"

"Beer?" Kaliska poked her head out of her fridge

"Um…no thanks" Tyler stared at her as she leaned in to the fridge, she wore short shorts and a overly large t-shirt.

" I'm out anyway! I just got a case yesterday too! I don't know where they could have gone…"

Tyler looked around the trailer seeing scattered bottles. He licked his lips and shuffled uncomfortably again. Kaliska stumbled back over to him. She tripped again and was once again caught by strong arms. She looked up into deep blue eyes.

"You're breath smells like shots," She whispered.

"I've had a little….ok a lot…"

"But you don't fall like me?"

"No not as much as you…"

"I think we are falling though"

Suddenly the two of them landed on the floor, Tyler's arms straddled the sides of her face, to keep his weight off of her.

"I think we've fallen…" Tyler whispered

Kaliska nodded and slowly leaned her head up towards his and lightly kissed him, he leaned deeper into her. She broke off and rested her head on the floor, she stared up at him breathing heavily. She felt his hand crawl under her shirt, his thumb gently grazed over rough scars.

He could feel her shiver beneath his weight; he slowly ran his hand over her stomach and her new forming scars. Her eyes stared up at him searching his face; he ran his fingers over a scar in between her breasts. He watched as her eyes darkened and clouded over. He could feel her heart racing beneath her skin. He removed his hand and lightly brushed her cheek with his thumb.

He slowly leaned back down to her lightly kissing the crook of her neck, a shiver shot threw her again, he grinned as he watched her eyes blur. She looked back up to him and a smile crept across her face as he leaned down to kiss her again.