I Remember Life and Death

I remember when the moon rose above the stars,
When the sky was dark at night,
And black ink painted the clouds
As they lay against the silver crystal
And moonlight rained cold down on me.

When we lay flat against the ground,
Staring out on the endless tomorrow,
Pressed to the frozen emerald planes
And wondering how many ages were left
As ruby dawn stole black waters away.

You told me there were hundreds more,
That the dawn would rise here every 'morn,
And every 'morn we would rise to see
As ginger suns stole fair moons away
And we never questioned when they were red.

I remember when the sun stole the night away,
As the fire chased diamonds back around the world,
And you told me you would one day meet those diamonds
When they finally reached home
Because I said I would one day meet that fire.

Wherever you are now, my friend,
I hope those diamonds have come to meet you,
And you can rise with them above the stars
Or one day, when you come back to me,
You'll tell me you met the fire.