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Chapter 1

"Damn, damn, damn,..." was heard as a black-blue streaked haired and dark blue eyed girl banged her head on her locker. She cursed the existance of John Roberts. She was the only one in the hallway since all the other students were already in their classes. Earlier, John had made fun of her blue streaked hair and how fake it was in front of all the seniors. She was so pissed off, she doesn't want to take it out on a teacher. She decided to skip school since there wasn'y much school til graduation anyway. This was Ashley Anderson and she was skipping out on Miami High or better known as Hell.


John Roberts sighed as the teacher talked about biology. He wasn't listening because he was thinking about a certain person. This person had black hair with blue streaks, dark blue eyes, and a toned but sexy body. She was at top of the social ladder like he was since she was the most beautiful girl at Miami High and had a "bad ass" attitude. She was Ashley Anderson. The girl that made his heart peed up and his breath hitch... but she doesn't that and probaly never will. John liked her alot but covered it up by being an asshole to her. You'd figure she would hate him. She does and he blames himself for that since it was his doing. Ever since high school started and his feelings arose, he made her life a living hell.

"Mr. Roberts! Do you find my class boring? If so, you can march to the office and fail 12th grade since you do not pay attention." Mrs. Conner, the biology teacher, all but yelled in John"s face.

"No. Its okay. I don't need another detention or another year with you," he replied, cocky like usual.

Mrs. Conner huffed and turned away to start teaching again.

'Why can't I get her out of my damn head?' he thought to himself bitterly.


Ashley crept down the hallway to Mrs. Conner's class. She knew John was in there but she was not skipping school alone. She decided that she was dragging Lauren and Amanda with her to skip school. All she had to was get their attention through the window of the classroom door. She put her face in the window and tapped it two times with her knuckles. Lauren and Amanda looked up then to the door and gave a thumbs up sign. When Mrs. Conner was writing on the chalkboard, they snuck out the door. When the door clicked shut, Mrs. Conner turned around, looked at the door, and turned back around. They ran down the hallway to the parking lot.

"That old hag will never catch us!" Amanda exclaimed, triumph in her voice.

"You've said that at least a thousand times," Ashley commented.

"Yeah right, i've only said that a hundred," she replied. Ashley and Lauren started laughing and Amanda joined them.

"So, why did you interrupt our learning lesson from Mrs. Conner?" Lauren teased.

"Oh. Earlier, John was being an asshole like he always is and insulted my hair. It isn't even his hair! He humiliated me in front of almost all of the seniors. Hes so stupid!" Ashley's outburst didn't surpise Lauren and Amanda since she has them everytime John did something to piss her off. Ashley continued, "I'm going to skip school today, I decided. Since you guys are my best friends, I wanted to drag you guys with me."

"Okay," they said in unison.

They headed towards Ashley's car. It was a 2002 Dodge Neon with green neon lights undernath it and outlining the inside. With whote flames and the rest black, it was a sporty looking car. In the inside, it was all flames. The car was Ashley's "baby" as she liked to call it.

They decided to go to Amanda's house since her parents weren't ever home since they were always on business trips. They decided to rent some movies while eating popcorn and pizza. Skipping school that day was the greatest idea ever.

While watching 'The Hot Chick', the third movie, Ashley went into thinking. She was thinking about John even though she didn't want to. John Roberts was a very handsome man. He had black hair that was spiked up with blonde tips. 'And he makes fun of my blue streaks,' Ashley thought. He had blue eyes that was the color of the sky and had a body of a god. Not too bulky but just right. The shirts he wears sometimes shows off his abs and woah, how they make him sexy. He was just a couple of inches taller than her at 6 foot even while she was 5'10. Indeed, he was handsome but his attitude makes him less attractive to her. She shook her head wondering where those thoughts came from. She continued to watch the movie and thankfully, Lauren and Amanda was too engrossed in the movie to notice her lost in her thoughts just then.


Meanwhile, John was talking to his two best friends, Brad and Chris, at lunch along with his other friends. John was talking about how Ashley got away with getting Lauren and Amanda to join her to skip school.

" 'Iswore I saw Lauren and Amanda'," John mimicked Mrs. Conner. "She was so clueless. The whole class busted out laughing."

"So, she tricked Mrs. Conner again?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, stupid. What did you think he said?" Brad questioned Chris. "No, wait. Don't answer that. He said to tell your mom to meet him at Motel 6 at 9 tonight." Everybody laughed except Chris as he tried to jump Brad. After he was sat down again, he started laughing with everybody else. After they stopped, they continued their lunch and talking.


*2 weeks later*

After 2 weeks of hell for Ashley, it was finally graduation. No more school. No more classes. And no more John. Somehow that thought caused a little pain to her chest but she ignored it. After college, she can finally start her life. She put on her cap and gown for the evening. When she was done, she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked like shit. But, what can she say? Its been a busy week. In the last week, there were so many things to do.

There was a knock on her door interrupting her thoughts. Her mother popped her head in and looked at her for a couple of seconds before looking up and Ashley could she had a few tears running down her cheeks.

"You look beautiful, dear. Oh, i'm so proud of you. My baby is already grown." Her mother sniffed. "Come on down. Everybody is ready to go."

"O.K., Mom," she replied. She wiped off her mom's tears and her mom left.

Everybody was her mom, Cindy, her younger brother who was 11, Matt, and her older sister who was 21, Sarah. Ashley herself was 18 and the middle child. Her father died when she was 9. She didn't care though. He was an asshole through and through. She winced as some of the painful memories flashed through head. She did NOT want to think about her father on her graduation day. She sighed. 'Here we go,' she thought as she opened her door to go to her Miami High graduation.


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