In this cycle I do spin,
Unaware of what lies within.
Horrors and fears of the unimaginable mind,
Loves and losses left behind.
Truths and lies which make you bleed,
Perfect boys which make you need.
Want and care, leave it behind,
I'm walking along a hair-fine line.
I wanted peace and love to keep,
But now that's the last thing I seek.
Why did you leave me so alone?
How could you expect me to make this my home?
Why did you let me cry those tears?
Give me more things for my soul to fear.
Why did you hurt me and leave me to die?
Why did you hurt me and leave me to cry?
All alone, with shadows for friends,
With nothing by which I could defend.
The music echoes through my ears,
Causing to many crimson tears.

By Siobhan
Date: 15/June/2004