Soul of the Jungle

A sleek black shadow
Lurking in darkness,
Creeping under low vines.
Silence surrounds her
And She absorbs it.

Her intense, vibrant, emerald pools,
Glowing spheres, gazing outwards
As she takes in Her surroundings.
No being ever knows
That she has been there.

Slowly she slips away
Continuing Her vigil
With a whispered growl.
Not a trace ever left;
Her presence unknown.

She sniffs the air,
Sensing, as it tells her
She is nearing a tree.
She then begins to relax,
Then prepares for the leap.

Her muscles tense up,
She crouches and springs,
Up, in one fluid movement.
Fur rippling; She lands noiselessly,
In the dense branches above.

She moves on with her prowl,
Guarding from above the jungle floor
Protecting and defending her home.
They are aware of her shadow,
Ever thankful, ever afraid.

For She is the Soul of the Jungle.