Why every time I look at you I feel like crying,
Why every time I think of you I feel like dying
I thought I loved you, I thought you loved me
I must have been blind and could not see,
The writing on the wall so plain to the eye
I pack my bags with a heavy sigh
I am picking up my heart off from the floor
And I am marching myself out that open door.
I whisper good-bye than realize no one is listening
The purest snow on the grass is glistening
I hope you are well and that you will recognize
The fact, its no surprise,
That I was too good for you
Your memory is all that will do
And all the ways that you were untrue
Will form me and strengthen my heart
And forever you and I will be apart
My silent tears make a trail leading to the door
A little voice inside my head asks, "Are you sure?"
I reply, "Of course I am." And go out that door.
My heart was then no longer sore
I have never felt heartache again
No longer, my emotions I will have to defend
I found my soul mate
And not too late
He loves me for me, and I for him

That icy winter night wasn't so grim,
Leaving you was the best thing I have ever done
And I am walking toward the sun
I lived my life without regret
You are one of the greatest people I have ever met.
Thank you dear one where ever you are
I will be looking you from upon a star
Where you are, I will be there
Remember no matter what you did, I will still care
You transformed me and the direction my life took
My name will be forever written in the heavenly book.
I will remember you always in peace
Remember that my love will never cease
I you have given me what I have given you
Everything you are and everything you do.