I met you and you met me
Our eyes saw
Our hands felt free
I thought then that you surpassed every single law.
Now that I have learned
That my fragile dreams were crushed
My anger for you has burned
Deep inside my heart is shushed.
I let myself escape in you
I let you guide me
I should have known you would never be true
And I paid dearly.
I am myself that I cannot deny
When I hold you now, it makes me want to cry.
Prove your love
Cuz I don't believe
Sick and tired of the push and shove
It's something that I can't conceive.
You used me, and you abused me
Now take what's yours and I'll claim mine
You hold the lock and I the key
You are the life and I the line.
When you kissed me, you took my breath away
You held me close until the dawn broke
If you loved me right then forever, I would stay
Until I found out to another the words you spoke.
I am not a toy
Don't play with me
I am no longer your ploy
You're but a blind boy who cannot see.
Release me into the wild
I will break my bonds and jail
You learned I am not a child
The links of the chains leave a trail.
Back into me I realize
No longer at your beck and call
It's something that is no surprise
I am the greatest escape of all.