Burgundy Skies

Lightning Flashes
Out of the corners of my eyes
And the tears roll down
At the burgundy skies
Drenched in blood
Of two broken hearts

Why is heaven crying?
Out of happiness I doubt it
Out of sadness I know
It lost its most valuable thing
A perfect love so true
And I wonder why I did advise
Something I never had myself
And I guiltily reply
Because of my untested life
I never meant to hurt
Something so beautiful
So I cry with the deluge
Of the burgundy skies

Why did I get involved?
I don't know that anymore
I hate the way he looks at you
With a look of longing
You still feel the same
I wish he did too
A pity that it didn't last
All because of me
It is said that losing
Is better then not loving at all
But now he's going away
Under the same burgundy skies
Burgundy skies
Night deformed
To a perilous color
Wailing a serenade
To a dejected heart far away
That broken guitar
Is nothing but lost inspiration

Lightning flashes
Out of the corners of my eyes
Tears falling
Towards the burgundy skies