In my time I have loved;

The warm comfort of my teddy

As I drift into the throes of sleep

The cleansing of healing tears,

Which we all will weep

A cool breeze,

On a cloudy night

The vibrant power of thunder

The gentle caress of trust

And cosy hugs' from friends

The trickle of rain, travelling

Down twisting tree trunks

And the relief as a cut's pain

Ebbs away

The soothing smoothness

Of steaming chocolate, so hot

The poetic justice of this

God-forsaken world

Brilliant blues and gentle greens

That grow on you in time

Sirens' howls

As police hurry to a crime

And many more rush to mind

A tangling web, I need to unwind

The secrets of whispering leaves

Contented buzz of bees

The beauty of technology

And how everything works.

Broken promises, A diary's troubles

A poems way of words

Rainbows and

The happy chimes of laughter

The free beauty of birds

The slow, sad sound of songs

And music that move our hearts

To break

A parent's proud and knowing smile,

Hope's paralysing pain

The innocence of

A baby's childish chuckle

Friendships simplicity

And memories,

Good and bad

The cruel deceit of lies

And prejudice

Under the sun's glinting rays

Reflecting in it's tired skies

The endless ticking of eternity

As life finally fades

All of the above,

I have loved

And more I shall not name

For once you've felt the pain of love

You'll never be the same