These Final Days

These final days
I'll say goodbye
Farewell to opportunity
For you'll be in high school
And me in middle
Probably a different city too
I knew it wasn't possible
You liking me
Me and you
Hell, there never was and never
Will there be
A chance
To renew this time
To say I'm sorry
To take that leap
And make fiction fact
Make you mine
And be on good terms with
You who was so shallow
You who was so kind
You who is so troublesome
You who is so handsome
The you I hate and love
In one fury of emotion
So great
And remarkable
And confusing and befuddling and oh so
The knots seem to only worsen
With every stroke of remedy I give
And now I'll never be able to undo
The done
Never will the dreams
Be reality
And there's no chance of the
You and me there never even
Was this time a dream
Or nightmare
Or both meshed together into one
So in these final days
I have a choice
Apologize and have a sliver of
A chance of ending life as I know it
On a happier note
Or leave things as they are
Knowing there'll be no more
Awkward moments
Odd stares
Rude rumors
Though there's a part of me that wishes
For the awkwardness
Uneasy times
As opposed to no times at all