Why can't my blind eyes see
More than the stars and crystal sea?
Why can't I understand the love
And embrace more than the stars above?

Why have I reached out my hand
Only to pull back when I don't understand?
Why do I feel like you've always lied
Why from your Truth do I continually hide?

Why do I say I do believe
When deep inside my soul does grieve?
Why can't I place my faith in thee
When that is what you want from me?

Why am I convinced you do not listen
When your love for me does glisten?
Why do I say you do not care
When you are always, forever there?

Why do I spend long nights praying
Why do I think you know what I'm saying?
Why am I sure you can forgive
When pain is all you seem to give?

Why do I lash out in my deepest despair
When I know the hurt I give is so fair?
Why do you let me scream at you
When it's such a sinful thing to do?
Why do you let me hurt those close to my heart
Why do you let me fall apart?
Why do you love such a blackened soul
Whose life is scared beyond control?

Questions I ask
Though I don't expect an answer
Lessons from my past
Flash by me forever after
How I long to see you reaching out to me
Telling me
Telling me
I'm listening, I'm here
Just look up and

Oh why..
Can't I see?