When the elevator arrived at the upper floor Frank got out first followed by Pickax. Everyone was silent as the men came closer to the group. Nobody cared about the warden, they were more concerned with the large man behind him. More than half had expected the warden not to come back up at all.

Pickax looked down at all the people staring at him. "What are you looking at?" He asked loudly which made most of the men jump and look away.

"Ok, people,' Frank said, 'Mr. Arian here has agreed to help up us with our little problem. Now if we'd all make our way to the door we'll head over to Block B and take shelter in the church until daybreak."

Some people were cool with the idea of Pickax helping them. Others didn't like it too much. Carlos was one of them. He had been there when they brought Pickax in. They had him in shackles and chains. They even had put a mask on him so he couldn't bite people. That's not the kind of guy he wanted to be behind him. But he had to admit, he'd rather have a murder than a vampire.

Carlos led the group to the door that led to the path to B Block. The plan was to open the door quickly and get everybody over there as quickly as possible. Carlos opened the door, but then quickly shut it again and locked it.

"What is it, Carlos?" asked Frank.

"The vampires. They're going into B Block."

"What how can that be? They can't open the door with out a key or someone opening it from the other side."

"Maybe someone left the door open." called Pickax from the back of the group.

Frank, Carlos, and Johnson all looked at Ricky.

"Don't look at me. I closed the door. I know I did."

"Well they go in somehow. What do we do now?"

"How many are there?" asked Pickax.

"The vampires?" said Johnson.

"No, the monkeys that live in you ass. Of course the vampires, moron."

Johnson gave him a dirty look but didn't say anything. Frank was the one that answered Pickax, "Let's see, there were four to begin with. So far we've lost twelve guards. And there were thirty-seven prisoners in Block A."

"Minus the one I killed. That makes at least fifty-two vampires."

"We don't know if they people in Block B are still safe or not." Said Johnson.

"That's why I said 'at least'. Man, Frank, where do you find these geniuses."

Johnson had to turn away to hid his anger.

"Ok, what weapons do we have to work with?" Continued Pickax.

"Very little. Only the guards have the prods and pepper spray. And the only guns we have are in my office which is swarming with vampires."

"Come on, Frank. Don't be like your friend there (referring to Johnson). This is a prison, and in the murder's section of the prison. I'm sure these fine gentlemen have some sort of tool that can be used for combat."

Frank looked at the prisoners who were trying to avoid eye contact. "Ok everybody,' he said, 'go get your shanks and other weapons of that sort." At first they seemed reluctant to go so Frank added, "All those that help us will not be punished for having weapons and will in fact be rewarded upon our rescue."

This sent the men running to get their secret stashes of tools and equipment for hurting people. There was a wide variety of weaponry, from sharpened toothbrushes to crude razors. Some of the men had extras they handed to the guards. One tried to hand Pickax a weapon, but he refused to take it for some reason.

"Ok, I think the best thing to do right now is," he was cut off by a loud sound coming from the elevator. It sounded like it was being ripped apart from the inside. The vampires were trying to come up through the elevator.

"That's probably a bad thing.' Said Pickax, 'I'd suggest we run."

"Were to? They've got us surrounded."

"Well we know the path to Block B is blocked. And they're coming up through the elevator. I guess that only leaves one exit."

"He's right, it's our only chance. We have to make our way to the cafeteria. Let's go." Ordered Frank.

At the door to the cafeteria, they couldn't decide who would open the door. Finally they made Ricky do it. He opened the door slowly and peeked his head out. He gave it a quick look around and opened the door all the way. He turned back around to the group and said, "It looks clear to me."

Just then an arm shot through his chest. The arm was attached to a vampire that had snuck up behind Ricky. Blood poured out from Ricky's chest and mouth. The vampire, which was wearing a guard's uniform, looked out from behind Ricky's head and smiled at the group. He lifted Ricky's now lifeless body up over his head and flung it at the crowd. Almost everybody was to shocked to do anything and the body hit most of them and knocked them down like a domino effect.

Pickax ducked just in time to see the body sail over his head. He grabbed a sharpened toothbrush that was dropped by one of the prisoners and charged the vampire. This act took the vampire by surprise and the bigger man threw him to the ground. Pickax took the toothbrush and drove the pointed end into the vampire's temple. The vampire twitched around for a second then ceased to move anymore.

Pickax stood up and wiped his bloody hands on his pants. He looked around to see that the rest of the cafeteria was free of any bloodsuckers and waved in the rest of the group.

"That was amazing," Said one prisoner.

"Fifty-one." Was all that Pickax said.