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I wish I may

I wish I might

Walk with you into the light

To show how much I truly care

To thank-you for the times you have been there

You turn away

As I slowly die

And as I bleed

I wonder why

Why you won't open up your heart

Or was it not my own to keep from the start?

Red roses are the sign of true feelings and love

The one in my heart only tears from above

The sting of thorns come around to choke

But they do not win

For my heart is broke

I did not plan to get this far

I only meant to see you for the great friend that you are

But now I've gone and stumbled into love

Or is it just a simple crush

That in the end will push and shove?

Your voice it soothes me and says that it's all right

Your eyes, they shine like diamonds in the moonlight

My tears fall down in silence

Don't you see?

I'm willing to risk it all with you

Why aren't you for me?

The sun is set, the night is near

A love to have and hold to me, dear

Tears of pain, a heart void of light

My pain lives on throughout the night

I guess right now you'll never see

The quest I'm wishing you'd descend on with me

The summit awaits our endless climb

I truly believe we can stand the test of time

To stand on that mountain

Look down at the world

And shout from the skies that a love has unfurled

Star of Sea

Star of Light

Won't you grant my wish tonight?

Here I am a simple girl

I wait for you in this lonely world

When the time comes

And we must face our test

Will you join me on my Spiritquest?


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