What happened to you
That made you so weak
What have you become
It's not what you seek

So vulnerable
My dear child
So incapable
Of the wild

You're hidden behind a mask of fright
Let go of your pain come out tonight
Child you're not what you used to be
The past is behind now set it free

What changed in your heart
That made your walls fall
What happened in life
That caused you to crawl

So vulnerable
Of the night
So incapable
Of your fight

Don't pretend anymore
Let it go evermore
Tides will turn for the best
You can cry; but it won't rest

Walls will fall build them up
Take shelter when storms come
Past is gone; but you can change
Don't hold back release your pain
(chorus 2x)

The change in the stars cries out tonight
Child let go in vain what lies behind
You can try to unwind what caused your cries
You can start over; come out tonight