I feel like I'm stuck in a rut
I live for the here and now
But my heart is caught in the past

Captive to my memories
Good and Bad, Happy and Sad
I am at their mercy

I'm dying to break free
But I don't know how
What happens now?

I just want to be me
Whoever that is
I still don't know

I wish someone would see
How much this all hurts me
But no one can.

It's my fault
Can't let it show
It hurts to go.

Pains me a lot
Everything around me
Just want it to stop

Don't know what to do
Living in the present
Someone tell me how

No end in sight
Awake all night
Waiting; Crying

Someone find me
Please someone help
Make me free

Free from the present
Free from the future
Free me from my memory

I'm lying here
Sighing; Writing
So hurt and confused

Life bores me
I'm tired of pain
Can someone please stop the rain?

Here and now hurts too much
Someone cares
In my memory

I feel arms
Close me into a hug
Someone loves me

Someone is there
Wiping a tear
Kissing my head
Stroking my hair

I look around
It's still night
What a pathetic life

I sit and cry
Oh why
Is it just a dream?

I sigh.
A memory.