Elsa looked up warily when she heard the faint cry. It took her a second to locate the source, but when she did she wished she hadn't. It was coming from a basket nearby. She walked over, wishing that she had ignored it. Sure enough, inside was a baby girl.

Only… she had an odd look to her. It took a second for Elsa to discover what was odd, but when she did, her instant thought was, "Oh boy, this is worse than I thought." They baby had the pointed ears and the slanted eyebrows of an elf.

Now this might not have been a bad thing thirty years ago, but for the last ten, the elves had been fighting. Elsa did not want to get involved with any elves whatsoever, but she had made the promise. She would not, could not break the vow she had made to her own mentor.

"Does it have to be an elf!" she cried out suddenly. Then with gentleness quite contrary to her words, she picked up the baby, basket and all, and started walking slowly down the street.