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There are only a few days of currency left, thanks to Warrior J. She's been dead for a long time now but her dream lives on, along with her word. You see Warrior J believed in two things: 1. money is evil, and 2. women are treated unfairly. The second belief of J ended before she died in 2040. Women are now the superior race. Most men are kept in holding cells where they are used for breeding and only that. You see one of J's favorite quotes was 'Men were only put on this planet for reproduction.' I believe that. But as I may have mentioned (or hinted at) earlier, some men are amongst the women. The men that have been blessed with superior minds are allowed to be out in the open. Most of them are old and unattractive, not someone that anybody would be physically attracted to. Actually I've never seen a cute man, I probably never will. But anyways on with my tale.

Women today are trained to fight evil (mostly demons) in mass boarding schools until the age of twenty-one. When that time comes you are either sent off to breed (that's where most of us are sent) or you become a warrior. I have two more years until that time comes (thank God). I'm guessing I'll be sent off to breed, but I don't want to be. I want to be just like Warrior J. Most people say I won't, but whatever.

Nobody knows how Warrior J died. She just suddenly disappeared on day. They say it had something to with that demon she was with, that's right, a demon. It was in the middle of one of the greatest wars against evil too. She met this hooded being one day and fell in love. They had a kid and shortly after that she disappeared. Figures I would be a direct descendent of J.

Okay let's look back: there won't be money in a few days, men are pigs so we keep them in holing cells, and Warrior J is dead. Yep that's all.


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