After that, you up and left,
Just like that.
You never looked back at me
As you walked away from me.
You never knew how much I was hurting inside,
And you never saw that lonely tear from my eye.
...I never spoke the word I wanted to say that day.

As you disappeared into the horizon,
I could bear it no more:
The guilt and sadness took over me.
I had to tell you what I had to say
Because I HAD to say it,
And I HAD to say it to your face.
But legs took their time to respond
To my heart's desire to chase after you.
I had to tell you what my heart wants to.

Darting forward, I tried to find you,
You were nowhere to be seen...
I frowned as I looked around.
Dashing right, I scan the shops,
Hoping that you are inside,
But alas, you weren't inside.
I kept on looking
Until i found you,
Walking down the street.

That's when I held you from behind.
I held you tightly,
Wrapping my arms around you,
Hoping I'll never have to let you go.
I didn't care if you turned around and hit me;
I would've deserved it.
I didn't care if others stared;
I just care about your thoughts.
As my tears stream down my face,
I say the words I been needing to say:
"I'm sorry, Mylene."
"Please don't stay angry at me."

I expected you to walk away,
Not even turning back.
I expected you to beat me down,
Without even stopping to breathe.
I expected you to slap me and stomp off,
Leaving me red faced and tearful.
But what you did, I never expected:
You turned to me
You put your hand on my cheek
And kissed me dearly.
I could feel all your love
Flow through your lips to mine.
"I'm not mad no more, Sammie."
"We all make mistakes,"
"And you've finally apologised to me."