And now, our end draws near.
The hurt I'm feeling is getting me down,
And although I can see you putting on your frown,
My mind has never been so clear.
We can't be like this.
I can't be like this.

I thought that time heal my burning pain,
That you could just be my best friend.
I thought that with time the hurt would end,
But, the angst inside me is driving me insane.
The life we are living is a lie.
This friendship is based on hurt.

If I never told you this, you would never know.
To you, I pretended I'm always happy, and never sigh,
But inside, with you, I'd rather just go and die.
You have to release my heart; you gotta let me go...
I'm losing my will...
You're pushing me over the edge.

You have to forgive me for ending it this way,
It was never the way I dreamed I would try to say it,
But our friendship candle was never meant to be lit.
And now, there's just one more thing I want to say:
I know this is hurting you, baby
But this is killing me.