I feel the shadows, gather to pray
They look apond us to stay
They stare silently across the grounds
The light shimmers through the clouds

The light comes through the darken forest
The children laugh, as if it was pouring
The cries of help fall and recede
But the voices of them just speak

So they stare, still watching us
I can sense the sounds
All of which seem so lost
So desperate to leave...

The grounds shake as the lights falls
It shows the figures, just once those shadows
Their eyes, how gray, as if to swallow
These memories haunt as I mellow

The forest comes
The children Run
The pray stops
The voices off


The golden light falls to us all
We look uncertain as we fall
The shadows then begin to reappear
And the silence is then broken

The lines of hatred seem to be written
As the children just been spitting
Those words of forgotten life are herd
I hear that scream, never more...

I try to close, but can still hear
The sounds of them just ringing in here
I try to close
I try to forget
But I can''t...it won't let me get...

Then it comes...the rush of lust...
It swallows me, as I trust
I open, I can see...
That gray eye...just staring at me

I try to look, to only find nothing
The sea of tears are felt boliling
I still haer, those forgetful words...
Then it comes...Children run...

The light fades, as does the shadows
And all faith begins to come...
We all stand there, the rest of us
We look at them, as the look at us

Now shadows...just that
They seem to pray
They look back up
But nothing is sprayed

We try to run
But can't hide
I see a child, about alive

To late now, for they are gone
For they are not the only one
THe light comes back
The creature form

The screams, the children
The raining pour
I see it then
What I shant forget

The sea is filled...and I am there
We all then scatter as if mice
We will all just come back here...

The forest groans
The shadows form
THe pouring stops
The children fall

And we just stand.
We just stop.
We know now, what is to come...

the children, for they are gone
As we will be soon enough
We all will be
We all will be...

The light does stay
The shadows do not pray
The children do not laugh
The forest does not grow

The creatures the figures
The symbols all around...
Closed now...for I am gone...

Jason Rodriguez