People say that I'm cold
That I don't have a soul
That I'm not present and I'm distant
That my heart's a black hole
And it's funny 'cause I never knew what they meant
So I smiled and I bowed, took it as a compliment
But my grin is my sin and it makes me depressed
Demons screw me up, chew me up, woo the heart from my chest
What makes me a person kills who I've got to be
I thought I knew that I had to be true
Thought it was you just acting the fool
But now I know that it's me
I would change, I could change and believe me I've tried
Yet something's preventing me, something inside
Something I've always worked to hide.
I don't want to lose you but I can't let you see me cry
So I'll work on it and trust me
I'll try.