Fallen Angel

Summary: This is actually a long story so I doubt it will be finished. Yet still it tugs at my brain and makes me write it so here I go.

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He was touring the school to see if his company wanted to make a donation. Boring business, as far as he was concerned but his boss said it was necessary. So here he was. He peeked into each classroom to see young girls dancing, singing, and writing. He glanced into the last classroom, Thank God, and uninterestedly looked around. His eyes landed on the teacher who gave him a quick smile. In the background he heard his tour guide say that this yoga class was of the most advanced. His gaze traveled to a girl who was bending in a way she certainly shouldn't have be. Well, at least not in his book. But then again he wasn't all that flexible so he shouldn't talk. His eyes landed on the very back of the room where a girl in all white lay. She was tucked back in a corner resting, as they all were now.

Her body tensed unnaturally. Her pain stirred something inside of him. He quietly made his way to her side. What, he wondered, could trouble such a bright angel's rest? He knelt down beside her. He was about to wake her from her nightmare when his hand was pulled back sharply.

"You cannot wake her. She is in a meditative rest." The teacher said quietly but harshly. He looked at her, bewildered.

"But her rest is plagued by unhappy thoughts. She must be woken from such a uneasy sleep."

"You cannot, you could hurt her." Seeing his confused glance she quickly explained. "A meditative rest is like that of a sleepwalkers'. If you wake her you could disorient her and possibly hurt her mind. She is very delicate in this stage." He glanced at her again and gave in.

"Then if I cannot wake her will you at least tell me her name so I may speak with her when she wakes." There was a moment of indecision and she said, "Raven Smith."

"What did you say?" His voice barely above a whisper, she looked down at the angel and softly said again "Raven Smith."

So this little angel was fallen. He jerked back as if he had been burned

"I.I have to leave, I'm sorry, good day to you all." He nodded to her and quickly left the room, anger and astonishment coursing through him. He took one last look to see his angel waking up. Yet he looked away to soon to see a dark man slip quietly away from the crowd, smiling grimly.

That night he called Jason. He dialed his number quickly and waited anxiously for him to pick up.


"Hey Jas, how you doin'?"

"Obviously better then you by the tone of your voice. What's wrong?" Jason knew him too well.

"I've found her."


"I've found her. I've found Raven"

"Oh my God! Where was she? How, when, what"

"STOP! Look she's staying at a girl's boarding school in New Zealand. I was there to see if Trade wanted to fund it and I found her. She was so beautiful. I.I didn't recognize her. I thought she was beautiful. God what the HELL is WRONG WITH ME JASON!!! I wanted to.to. I don't know. I just don't know anymore."

"Hey Taylor, dude, just slow down. The devil has many disguises and beauty is among his most popular. You won't have been the first to fall for it. The thing I can't get is why he would be at a girl's boarding school. I don't see how it would advance her. I guess she could be recruiting but it doesn't seem likely. She usually recruits older men. It's like she's hiding, but from what?"

"The people who want revenge, obviously."

"No, that's not it, she would have changed her name, her appearance, her whole identity. It's like she wants people to know who she is, where she is."

"Well, if that's the case should we take her away or leave her be?"

"I don't know dude, I just don't know."

"Now who sounds confused, Jas." Jason laughed and bid goodbye to his long time friend.

Taylor sat back and pondered all that had been said. Could she bee recruiting? Usually when she was she went undercover and when she surfaced she would have an army of followers. This open statement of who she was left him puzzled. Yet how could she be hiding if she still had the same identity, it was like she was trying to live a normal life. Living and waiting for the inescapable. He rested his head on his fists and started to doze. Soon he was fast asleep.

* * *

Raven woke to sunlight pouring in from her window. She blinked and turned over. Burrowing her face in the pillow, not wanting to face the day. Then she realized it was Saturday and slowly turned back over.

She stared up at her cracked white ceiling. She wondered for the thousandth time if she had made the right choice. She could be living in palaces mortals could only dream of. Instead she had this. A normal teenage life in and old cracked boarding school. She could have woken up next to a handsome man that would change his appearance at her will. Instead she was alone. She could have fake but supportive friends. Though they would only be forwarding their own agendas they would make her happy. Wouldn't they? Instead she had one real friend that pissed and moaned about everything and rarely let her complain. Was this the life she wanted? Anticipating the day she would be found by her hunters, when her pursuers would discover her hiding place. She could think of no worse fate. She would be tortured, probably killed. If not, she would be used for their pleasures. Should she have accepted her trainer's offer? The devil himself had offered her a position in hell, to be his personal mistress. Would she have been happy? Or there too would she have lived in anticipation? Waiting for the day she ceased to please him.

She could never decide. She had too many regrets and hopes. The only reason she had come here in the first place was to make her decision, to hide from all sides of the argument. She still hadn't made her decision. Two years she had been here and still she couldn't decide. Would she ever? She rolled over and went back to her troubled sleep.

* * *

On the other side of the heavens a man crawled toward a fiery golden throne. The devil himself lay sprawled across elaborate chair.

"What is it Andre. It better be good you'll find yourself reduced to dust before you can stutter out sorry." Lucifer was not happy about taken out of a meeting with his commanders.

"Oh it is good master, it is."

"Well, spit it out you good for nothing piece of shit."

"I have found the Raven one you have been seeking milord." Lucifer sat up suddenly.

"You've what" he whispered dangerously. "Don't play games with me Andre, not about her."

"It's true milord." He crawled forward a little more. "She is at a boarding school in New Zealand, she is hiding from you milord."

"Don't talk such lies, you blubbering idiot.'

"It's true, she is your protegee."

* * *

Raven awoke suddenly. She bolted up in bed, gasping. She slowly calmed as she saw where she was. She was in her room, nowhere near him. She turned and looked at her clock. It was 12:30 according to her clock. She slowly swung off her bed into a standing position. She refused to go back to the terrors that haunted her sleep. She needed a shower to wake her up. She pressed play on her CD player and blared out Rinse by Vanessa Carlton.

"She would have done anything.she would have fought, suffered, anything. GOD! I can't stand this any longer! I need to know I need to know what would have happened. I have to stop these questions, these regrets that haunt me day and night."

She scrubbed harder, trying to wash away the memory of his touch. She must forget. She needed to be free of decisions, of hate, of unhappiness.of life. Harder and harder she scrubbed, her skin turning red from the damage she was inflicting on herself. She would never love again, never again. She would live with the loneliness; it would be hers forevermore.

She collapsed on the bathroom floor. Tears flowing down her face mixing with water and blood. She had scrubbed too hard. She rocked back and forth trying to sooth herself. She pictured him in her mind once more and fainted.

* * *

Taylor waited anxiously for Jason to come. He paced worriedly. It wasn't like him to be so late. Yeah, 5 - 10 minutes was usual, he was a laid back guy. But 30 minutes, something was defiantly wrong. What if he had gotten in a car wreck or he had, he stopped himself before he could get to deep into that train of thought. He had tried calling his cell, to no avail. Where the hell was he?!

* * *

Jason turned over restlessly. He muttered something inaudible and shifted again. The alarm on his clock beeped relentlessly to desperately to wake its owner. Jason muttered again and was suddenly still. His breath quickened and he gripped the sheets, then all was silent. Jason's mind cleared and he saw nothing and everything. A bright light blinded him but compelled him to look. He opened his eyes to see the most beautiful being he had ever seen. His golden hair fell unbound around his face. His bright blue eyes pierced Jason's heart.

"Jason", it called, "Jason listen to me." To dumbfounded to speak Jason nodded mutely. The angel, for that is what he appeared to be, continued, "Jason, you must protect your friends, your family, everyone you know and those you don't. There is a girl, a dark girl. Do you know of who I speak?"

Jason whispered one word, "Raven".

"Yes Jason, Raven smith, the devil's protegee. She is a danger to all of mankind. She will and can kill without remorse. Nothing will stop her if she is let loose. She is in hiding right now, planning. You must stop her before she gets too far. We have chosen you to be or savior mankind's unknown hero, Jason smiled greedily.

"Do you want to help?" asked the angel quietly.

"Yes, yes I will do anything. I am at your command"

"Good," the angel smiled knowingly.

"Jason, you and Taylor must capture Raven." Jason nodded a third time his smile diminishing a bit; he would have to share his glory? The angle, seeing his expression softened his tone. "You will need all the help you can get Jason, do not let your jealousy consume you. Remember, I came to you not him." Jason's face lit up once more.

"How will we capture her?" The angel's eyes glimmered faintly.

"Her powers are vast, she can kill and heal without a thought. She is immortal. The only way to capture her is to lure her and use this," the angel laid down a long silvery chain.

"What is it?" questioned Jason.

"It's a chain to harness her powers, as long as she is bound by it she will be incapable of using any of her abilities."

Jason turned the pan over in his head. "How do we lure her to us?

"When the time comes for you to do his great deed I will come to you and tell you. Do NOT do anything before I come to you, do you understand?"

"Yes sir.master." Jason replied. With that the angel disappeared with a lingering word of "wait". Jason's eyes opened to the real world once again and he never heard the devil's laughter down in the pits of hell.

* * *

That same maniacal laughter woke Raven suddenly from her sleep. She looked around her, not knowing where she was. Her eyes caught objects a sink, shower, towel. She was in the sprawled unceremoniously across the mat, but how did she get her. Her head pounded and she tried to think straight. She grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her cold form. She searched her memory for any clue as to how she had come to be here. She trembled as she remembered. She had been thinking of him and now she had heard him, she would know that laugh anywhere. She remembered her last day in hell, in paradise. She pushed the thoughts away, she didn't want this, she didn't want to remember. She tried to block it out but as she closed her eyes it all flooded back.

"So what do you say, my puppet? Will you stay with me and live in happiness forevermore?" He didn't mention the other choice for there was no other; yes she could say she wanted to leave, that was an option. But she wouldn't he would kill her first. She saw herself answering, still undecided.

"Well um, I don't know." He approached her slowly, sensually. His lips met hers in a passionate kiss and all thoughts of rejection fled her mind. He led her to the bed where clothes lay flung across it. He kissed her again.

Raven tried desperately to push the thoughts away, the memory of his lips. Her eyes filled with tears as she gave into the past. It wouldn't be so bad, remembering, she told herself. I just have to relive it one more time and then it will all be gone. But her tears told another story, that this was just a repeating episode, one of many more to come.

She felt his hands roam over her body, touching her thighs and then dragging his hands slowly, excruciatingly upwards. She pulled him to her this time, wanting more but he just smiled and pushed her away. His hands were all over her. Her face, her breasts, her stomach, waist.. everywhere his hands went his lips followed.

Flames surrounded them, licking their intertwined bodies. He pushed her down and his eyes narrowed as he roamed her body. He lowered himself to her and immersed himself in her folds. She gasped at the feeling as he settled into a rhythm. His teeth biting her neck and breasts. His kisses where no longer soft and sweet but hard and demanding.

Her eyes became cold and indifferent as she let him abuse her body. She laid on the bed, spread and cold, realizing she had to escape. Her mind was blank except for registering that this was no longer her paradise, it was her hell. He had fooled herself into illusion and now her illusion was crumbling.

He finished with her and pushed himself up. He collected his discarded clothing and whispered to her, "make your decision, kitten" not knowing that she already had.

Raven hugged her knees to her chest and cried her last tear. She'd never cry again, she was too strong for that. She blocked the memories, she had no need for the past, only the future. She felt a cold hate grip her heart and found she could not feel.

* * *

Jason burst through the door to Taylor's house.

"Taylor, where are you" WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Taylor came racing into the living room to find Jason bellowing for him at the top of his lungs. Jason took in Taylor's appearance; he looked wild- eyed and scared.

Where have you been? I've been waiting here for hours, I thought something had happened. I was ready to call the police. I called and called but no one answered and.I was so worried. Jason where have you been?"

Jason gaped at him, " hours? What do you mean hours? Surely your exaggerating, I mean I couldn't have been that late. My alarm never went off, I assumed I was early. I now I set it before I want to bed. I" Taylor stopped him in mid sentence.

"Jason look at the time! You where supposed to be here at 12:00 and it's now 5:00."

"But, but it's just not possible," Jason sputtered. Taylor slowly calmed down. "Well maybe you just sleep through it, that's all. It's okay."

Jason sank into a chair; "I had a dream Taylor."

"Yeah, so we all do. Look that's not what I'm here to talk about I want to talk about." Jason held up his hand to stop him. "This was different Taylor, it was real."

" But you just said yourself that it was a dream. It may have been life like but that's just your REM cycle. Whenever you have dreams during your REM cycle they are always more real. Some people can't even tell the difference between their dream world and reality."

"No, Taylor this was different. I smelled everything, felt everything, I could have reached out to touch the angel."

"Angel, what the hell are you going on about. Angels you and I both now they don't exist."

"I used to agree with you but not anymore, not after this."

"So you're going to believe some fucking dream over cold hard facts. There are no fucking angels. If they're where they would have been there to save Nick and Adriana. But they weren't they were off strumming their goddamned harps." Taylor's voice was dangerously low. His eyes darted around as he whispered slowly to Jason, "if there were angels' Raven wouldn't be alive right now, she would be dead like she should be. I thought you were more sensible then that but I guess I was wrong." Jason tried to hide his tears. Nick and Adriana's deaths had hit him hard. He had known them since childhood and they were his only friends other then Jason. When they died Jason and Taylor had made a pact to find Raven and kill her. Years had passed and their hate stayed buried waiting for a chance to resurface just as strong. And now the memories had returned. Their deaths still ringing loudly in their hearts. Jason looked up at Taylor with hate in his eyes; "the angel told me we have to kill her. He told he that she was dangerous and that she would kill anyone she got her hands on. That's why we have to kill her Taylor. Not just for our own debts that need to be repaid but debts that will have to been redeemed if she goes to kill again."

Taylor blinked at Jason in surprise, "what?"

"The angel told me that raven needed to be dealt with and I agree, whole heatedly."

"Jason your talking crazy talk, an angel came to you and told you to kill Raven?" Taylor's eyes were guarded but curious.

"That would be what he said," Jason answered determinedly.

"You've gone off your fool head Jason, I'm sorry but I'm not going to help you kill someone because a figment of your imagination told you to." Taylor started to turn away but Jason caught his arms. His grip was painful and Taylor winced as he turned around. Jason pulled him closer whispered slowly, deliberately to him.

"You made a promise once, you told me that you would help me kill this godforsaken piece of shit. You promised me and you promised Nick now I'm going to hold you to that promise whether you like it or not." He pushed Taylor away and Taylor hit the counter painfully.

Jason was almost to the door when Taylor called out to him, "fine I'll help me if you show me proof of this dream. Show me how you know it was so real." Jason paused and turned slowly. He stalked back over to Taylor and he backed away until he hit a table.

"You come out to the car with me and I'll show you my proof." Taylor followed his cautiously. As Taylor got out to the car he realized that the proof could have nothing to do with the dream. It could be a gun or some type of weapon that Jason was going to kill him with.

No, he thought, we may get mad but he'd never hurt me. But the back of his mind pulled at his conscious. He really seems to believe this angel shit it screamed he might do you harm for disbelieving him. Run! it yelled run while you still can. They reached Jason's car, which was pulled up on the curb, proof of the fact that Jason had raced to get here. Jason pulled open his back door and reach for something on the other side. Taylor shifted uncomfortably and unconsciously moved back a step. Jason started to move back out of the car and Taylor's body tensed, ready to run. Jason pulled out a long chain and Taylor almost laughed.

What were they going to do with a fucking chain? Knock her out and then chain her in a medieval torture chamber. Laughter bubbled up inside him and he covered his mouth so that Jason couldn't see him smiling. Jason took the look as astonishment and grinned proudly.

"Do you believe me now?" he boasted.

It took all Taylor's control not to laugh as he seriously said, "what the hell are we going to do with it." Jason motioned him inside and explained the entire plan and when he was done Taylor gaped at him. He snapped his jaw up and shook his head. "Brilliant" he said as he nodded to him. "Absolutely brilliant, I believe you have yourself a partner."

* * *

Lucifer watched Jason and Taylor talk. He heard Jason mention one or two times that they were going to kill her. But their not going to kill her. I never said that you would kill her. I just said that she needed to be killed. Anger welled up inside of him and he continued to watch the conversation.

'No", he muttered, "No don't kill her you idiot!" He picked up the mirror he had been watching Jason and Taylor threw and grabbed it. Wishing he could reach through and tear Jason apart. He through the mirror across the room and it shattered against that wall.

"Are you thick?! I need her alive, alive to torture, alive to kill, alive."

* * *

Raven pinched that brow of her nose and squeezed her eyes shut. Where the hell did this headache come from? After her recollection in the bathroom she had fled to the library. Hoping to block out all future anamnesis she plunged herself into schoolwork. But thanks to this headache, no work was going to be done today. She slowly closed her book.

"Alive" drifted into her brain and she struggled to remember the thought process that had led her to that. She fell to her knees on the library floor, her books spilling from her arms. She heard voices call out to her as she succumbed to darkness.

Raven awoke to a cracked ceiling. Not my room, not my bathroom.where? She was unaware that she had spoken aloud.

"The infirmary" a voice informed her. She turned to the side and was surprised to find a handsome young man sprawled unceremoniously across a chair.
"Who are you?' Raven asked quietly, in awe of him.

"Andre, my name is Andre. I have been meaning to talk to you. But I see now is no the best time for such talk." He got up to leave but she stopped him.

"No wait, what is that you wanted to talk to me about?" Andre smiled and sat back down. "Well my company has been watching your work. We like what we see and want you to apprentice for us.'

Raven blinked, "oh." She looked at the ground and tried to gather her thoughts. "I'm sorry, you seem to have caught me at a bad time. I wasn't expecting all this and." Andre held up his hand, signaling her to stop.

"Don't apologize please. It is I who should be sorry. I shouldn't have shoved all this at you. Let us start again. My name is Andre and you are Raven. It is very pleasing to meet you." Raven smiled, she rather liked this man. His black hair hung in his eyes, his odd eyes. One was blue while the other was green. 'Odd,' she thought, 'but attractive.' He was dressed in black pants and a loose fitting white shirt. He coughed quietly and she looked up. He smiled deviously at her and she realized she had been caught staring. She blushed and looked away, gathering her thoughts once again.

'Now, about that apprenticeship.

Author's Note: I know it's not exciting AT ALL right now but I'm just setting the scene. Can't have a story without having any background, just doesn't sit right. I have about 75 pages written but I can't seem to get around to typing it. Maybe someday.but right now just sit tight and hopefully it was be updated in the near future. If I get reviews I'll be more apt to update.hint hint.