A young boy, maybe sixteen maybe younger stood staring coldly forward. He never moved or even shifted his eyes as an older man's pale hands shifted over his dark skin, touching his nearly naked body as if testing for flaws. His skin trembled when the hands lowered to the baggy beige pants tight about his waist and ankles and groped lightly in between his legs. His body never swayed when the older man pulled down his trousers to reveal his groin.

"This is a very fine young man you have here, Sorcier." The pale hands flitted over the boy's legs, fingers gliding over the short stout limb coldly hanging between them. "He's rather large for his age."

"Oui." The other man laughed in a language the boy standing besides him did not understand, English. "You asked for a decently sized sixteen year old. I deliver what is required."

"What is his name?" The inspector left the trousers down and stepped back to investigate the boy, who's gaze was still steadily fixed on some distant object.

"Kazeem." Sorcier replied. "I recently acquired him from the Arabian sector of the city."

The man leaned closer to the boy and gently caressed his cheek, tilting the boys face towards his lips. "He is extremely obedient."

Understanding the gesture, the boy's eyes finally closed and he opened his mouth to the older man's gentle kiss. The instant was filled with a seductive passion and the boy's limb member reacted to the kiss, darkening and twitching with restlessness. The older pulled his lips away, stroking the brown face before he lifted the boy's pants back up to his waist. "But left to his own devices he can be quite violent."

"He sounds too good to be true." The other man glared down at the boy as he returned his gaze forward, his dark eyes looking more hooded and angrier than before. "What language does he speak?"

"At the moment only Arabic." Sorcier replied. "Where is the boy you want him paired with?"

"Gagé? He only speaks French and German. I don't think this will work." The other man admitted, shaking his head and grimacing. " I had my doubts about showing you the child and I don't think I would pair him with someone who he can't understand..."

"I doubt language has ever gotten in the way before." Sorcier smiled. "They will do what they're told. Or can't you handle you're little boy, Monsieur Brandt?"

"Gagé!" The other man gave a loud cold bark and a door behind him opened slowly. "Hergekommen."

"Oui, Herr Brandt." The voice was soft as the figure that emerged from the door.

Sorcier's eyes widened with intrigue. The child looked like he was made from gold. Probably the same age as the dark-skinned boy standing besides him, he was frail, slender, and even paler than the smiling German who owned him, but with a warm glow to his paleness. His hair was splendid gold and his eyes were surreally blue. "That is the most beautiful child I ever saw..."

"He is a native of the French territories." Brandt stated, putting his hands on the young man's shoulders and turning him to face their guests. His blue eyes fell to the ground, looking away from the half-naked boy before him. "He was sent here in a wooden crate knowing no English and his parents expected him to find a better life. Well, you can see how that turned out."

Sorcier nodded quietly. "Poor beautiful thing."

The German cleared his throat. He had reservations in showing his golden child to the older Frenchman and his doubts were increased by the man's upturned brows and admiring gaze. He pointed to the door."Weggehen."

"Attente un moment, Gagé." The boy hesitated hearing his native language. Sorcier gestured him back casually and said to the other man. "I thought you meant to pair these boys?"

The other man looked down at the dark skinned youth, whose gaze was firmly fixed upon the lithe blonde. He felt a ruttish stirring in his own loins when he noticed that the brown-skinned youth had become aroused by the sight of the pale boy. The front of his loose beige pants tented out from his small erection. "Alright, Sorcier. Let's go get the paperwork and percentages settled. The boys will be fine here. That mirrored wall is a window looking in from the office we'll be going to."

Brandt brushed past his charge and the young man turned to him a moment and asked in German. "What are your orders, Monsieur?"

The older man waved a hand dismissive and replied in the same language. "You don't have to do anything. Just stay here, boy."

Gagé gave a soft sigh of relief and glanced over at the intense stare the other boy was giving him. He cleared his throat nervously and moved over to the chair in the corner. The intense gaze followed him as the men left.

Kazeem watched the pale boy settle into the chair and hardly blinked when the young man stared back at him. Both glared firmly, daring the other to make some gesture.

The young Arab was the first one to move, striding forward towards the chair, dark and commanding in a chilling way. Gagé slipped farther into the chair intimidated by the stronger boy, but glared defensively and warned in his native language. "Stay away."

Kazeem reached out to the pale blue shirt covering the young man's chest but soft white hands struck him away. The other boy was angry and spoke again in another language that Kazeem did not understand. His message was clear but Kazeem wasn't planning on paying it any attention.

The slender blonde yelped with fear when he was pulled out of the chair roughly. He kicked the dark boy and stumbled away from him but Kazeem only laughed and grabbed his arms again. Kazeem struggled with the lean boy a moment, trying to restrain him, but eventually he gained complete control and jerked the slender form into his arms. He turned him around so that he was facing away and screaming in the opposite direction. The boy gasped and writhed with pain as Kazeem held him close and bucked his hips into him, a dark and terrible imitation of the rape that was to come.

He set him on the ground again and shifted his hands on the boy's body, one slipping down to fist against the young man's groin the other reaching up to trap his neck.

Gagé screamed again in rage and helplessness. For a change, he had not been commanded to endure this torment and enduring it with no reward in sight brought him to new heights of anger and self-hatred. He tried to kick his attacker again and was rewarded with agony as the other boy pulls his fists tighter and bit him, choking him and giving him delirious pain.

Disgusted with the struggle, Kazeem spun the youth again and threw him back into the chair. He hit the soft cushion with a gasp but before he could rise, Kazeem climbed into the chair and pinned him down. He chuckled in his own language, fully aware the object of his lust had no idea what he was saying. "You're not going anywhere."

Gagé continued to fight the strong youth, desperate to escape. But he wasn't strong enough to stop his attacker from tearing his shirt away. He gave an angry sob, hitting the other boy as hard as he could. The savage youth only grinned, slapping his hands away, unaffected by the blows. Gagé glared with unbridled hatred at the young man when the dark youth grabbed his hands and pinned them over his head. When the other boy leaned nearer, he shook his head, trying to avoid the youth's sharp teeth as they came nearer again and tore at his mouth. The boy moaned in misery, screaming through lips forcibly closed, as Kazeem bit harder, chewing into the soft lips. The pale boy gasped for breath and sobbed when Kazeem finally drew away again.

Kazeem grinned, drunken with the power he had over the tender beauty, and held the boy's wrists in one hand. He grabbed the delicate chin in his hand and jerked the pretty face forward. There were tears in the child's eyes but those same eyes were cold and expecting, beautiful and fragile in their awareness of the pain they were about to witness.

For a moment, the stronger youth hesitated, remembering those same tears in his own eyes. Nothing in his expression changed, but instead of biting the pale skin again, he gently touched the cheek, almost reassuring. He leaned forward and kissed him, suckling at the soft pink lips.

The mouth resisted his kiss, and his reluctant lover groaned as if the sound could propel the forceful mouth away.

Gagé tried to pull his arms down to push the boy away again. It occurred to him to try kicking him again, but as the warm mouth crushed into his own a strange force pulsed through him. His young body trembled still and he lay quietly absorbing the kiss and trying to understand the sudden pleasurable shiver traveling through him. It was the first time he had ever really been kissed and it was the first time he had ever really responded to it.

Kazeem felt the resistance slipping away from his prey and continued with the deeply passionate touch. He released the young man's chin and gently stroked his cheek as if rewarding the good behavior with a soft touch. He lowered his hand, tickling over the pale white chest he had bared and reaching down to lightly caress the other boy's growing erection.

Gagé groaned beneath the stranger's touch and tried again to pull his arms down. He no longer wanted to push him away, but found a strange desire in him to pull him closer and touch him. He wasn't familiar with the stirring of lust through his body and he was startled by the feeling. He sighed quietly, beginning to kiss his seducer and trembling at the powerful force hammering through him.

Kazeem smiled when he felt the slender boy return his kiss. He drove him harder, urging a more passionate response from the frightened boy and sliding his hand into the younger man's pants.

Gagé yelped with surprise and writhed in the other boy's grip, tormented by the sensation of the hands over his erection. "Stop… oh stop."

"Arret…" Kazeem smirked at the pale youth's groans. He was so needy yet so terrified.

He licked near the pale boy's ear, still rubbing him tenderly. "I have no idea what you're saying but you are the sexiest thing I ever touched."

"Svp, arret. Je suis effrayé." He murmured panting hard, and barely able to speak in his soft high pitched voice.

Kazeem kissed the soft skin of the boy's neck, dying to trace his mouth lower to taste this soft hairless flesh the way he'd been trained. It was as if every torture he'd ever endured suddenly made blissfully arousing sense and he needed to force them onto this beautiful little nymph that had dared to arouse him.

Gagé shivered when the dark skinned boy drew his hand down his arm, releasing his grip and tickling his warm hand over his chest. He gasped at the almost painfulness of the sensuous stroke and immediately brought his hands to the broad shoulders hovering over him. When they kissed again, he held him closer, roving his hands under the open vest the boy wore to feel the bare skin of his back and exploring the rough skin he found there. He shivered when the dark lips broke from his and kissed lower, plucking at his pale chest and nibbling at the soft skin.

Kazeem stood, leaving the chair and grabbed the edge of the pale boy's trousers. The pale youth looked up at him with bruised lips and tear-stained eyes but made no move to resist him as the broad youth jerked his pants away. He gripped the chair to prevent himself from slipping as his clothing was torn away.

Gagé sagged in the deep chair, terrified by the feelings raking through him. He stared down at his erection. It was the first time he could remember feeling that way, like he was about to fall apart, like he was about to explode. He trembled again looking up at the young man as he shrugged the slim red vest off his arms and pushed his pants down. When the strong boy took a step forward completely naked, Gagé shook with terror at the feeling of heat and desire it stirred in him. He was unable to handle this fearful new emotion.

Kazeem rolled his eyes when the pale youth jumped up from the chair and darted towards the door. He took after him and grabbed him by the waist before he traveled far. The pale boy grunted his resistance and cried out when he was thrown to the floor.

The heavier boy was on top of him in an instant and just as soon began to pummel the pale child with his powerful fists. He continued until the words he could not understand faded into a blur of whimpers and moans, and the pale body was red with the insults to his flesh. He lay over the abused form anchoring him there.

Gagé was never much of a fighter. He didn't like the shame of giving up but he rarely found a fight he could win. He lay there when the fists stopped and caught his breath, finding it painful to breathe. He trembled when the fists opened and gently soothed over his body and whimpered when the more powerful body melted over him.

He wanted to demand why this person was torturing him. How he was making him feel so good while making him feel so much pain. But there was no way to speak to him so he yielded to the strangled kiss pressed against his lips.

Kazeem massaged his hand over the pale youth's thighs, rubbing his legs and tickling him with his feather-light touch. He kissed and nibbled at the ear breathing softly, urging quietly, whispering soothingly. "Shh."

Gagé trembled at the gentleness. The abuse he could bear but the soft tender caresses drove him to insanity. He was torn and confused in a way that no one else had ever confused him. He sighed, moving like pliant clay when the other boy gently rolled him onto his stomach.

Kazeem pushed his knees in between the pale still legs. His hands fell heavy and strong on the pale back, but no longer in violence but in sexuality. His palms gripped at the thin muscle and skin of the tiny shoulders and he leaned closer to kiss and suck at his neck.

Gagé sighed as the other boy massaged his back, pressing hard into him and creating a pleasuring sensation out of the painful pressure. He lowered his head into his arms, allowing the boy to kneed his lower back and yielding to the sexual chills it was sending through his whole body.

Kazeem stroked his lily toy, traveling lower with his hand until his hands caressed over the young man's soft round ass. He smiled slipping his thumbs into the crevasse between the pale legs and thrilled at the quivered that attacked the boy's spine.

"You're not going to hurt are you?" Gagé muttered into his arms, trying to ignore the jolts of pleasure that the delicate intrusion of his body gave him, mumbling in his own language. "It felt so nice, now you're going to hurt. You don't care, you like to hurt. You can't even understand me. It never felt that way before..."

The boy gave a stunned cry and arched his back, when Kazeem pressed the lightest of kisses to the entrance of his body. The dark youth only smiled at the pale boy when he looked around flushed with desire. "You like that don't you?"

Kazeem drew his long tongue from the inside of his thigh over the boy's crushed genitals and deeper, licking his way into the dark entry. He darted his tongue inside, creating another aroused groan from the young man and making him writhe with need, until Kazeem had to hold his thighs down to continue with his moist attentions.

He eventually drew back onto his knees chuckling at the impassioned reaction. Kazeem was alive with the power and thrilled by the control he felt over the lithe beauty panting into his crossed arms. He could have left the fair youth at the moment, begging for relief. He could beat him again. He could do anything he wanted and the young man had no choice in the matter.

Kazeem drew up his fist about to jolt the slender youth out of the lustful daze he had slipped into but he hesitated when the slim boy quietly rolled over onto his back, looking at him with pleading, seductive eyes. The beauty of a hundred nymphs transferred into one smile.

Gagé knew what was coming and he wasn't sure why he suddenly wanted it when for years he had avoided the same action. Still under this young man's spell he turned onto his back and casually tucked his hands beneath his knees, pulling his legs close to his chest. He looked at the dark youth and urged softly with his eyes and his shy smile.

Kazeem grinned at the boy's sudden willingness and grabbed the young man's knees, knocking the pale boy's own hands out of his way. He jerked the spread pelvis onto his knees and then reached down to pump his own young arousal. His blood coursed heatedly through his veins. He'd never done anything that excited him more than this and as he lifted his hard member into the tight darkness of the pale body he groaned with desire.

Gagé moaned quietly. His latest lover didn't hurt as much as the older men did. He was smaller and something in his slow pumping was not painful by arousing. He sighed reaching his hands forward to grip at the dark knees and urged his legs wider around the young man.

Kazeem ran his hands down the pale knees on either side of his hips. He thrust harder, relishing in the tight suction of a lover's body. He grunted impassioned moving faster and rotating harder into the soft youth. The other boy only moaned in acceptance and squeezed his knees harder, his blonde head writhing back and forth from the terrible glory of his arousal.

His dark hands slipped lower to circle the delicate pink arousal sliding before him. He pinched, delighted by the painful squeal and then squeezed earning a high pitched moan from the blonde youth. He continued to toy with the boy's body rocking harder and harder, beginning to lose himself to the rising passion.

Gagé couldn't account for the terrible pleasure accompanying the magical hand stroking him. He felt the tension boiling through his blood and whimpered, desperate to relieve whatever the tormenting pleasure was. The other boy's body slide harder and harder into his waiting depths and every thrust seemed to crush into that torturing pressure, threatening every time to trigger the explosion. It wasn't until the dark fingers slipped down to the base of his thin shaft and pinched lightly at the tender area that a sudden burst of sensation spewed from the young man. He gasped for air, as the insane pleasure fractured his small body, and his back arched against the bliss flooding him.

Kazeem closed his eyes and groaned when the young man erupted into his hand. He thrust deeper lifting the other boy's knees around him and pushing harder and deeper. His breath was laboring and his aroused member was begging him for mercy.

Gagé lay back limply on the floor as the stranger using his body thrust into his body. He stared dazedly at the ceiling, trying to understand the blissful, joy sweeping around him. He sighed when he felt the dark youth burst inside of him, filling his body and he smiled when his lover gasped for breath and collapsed over top of him, sinking onto his body from his knees. He breathed into the other boy's ear and rubbed his face against him, sighing and panting until his senses were restored to him.

"That is the most erotic thing I ever saw in my life." Brandt muttered to the Frenchman staring through the two way mirror with him. "These two are going to make us a fortune."

"No, Monsieur." Brandt felt the gun press against the back of his head. "They are going to make me a fortune."

"Gagé is my property. There's nothing killing me will legally change about that." Brandt replied, coldly.

"Of course not. Kazeem is a trained killer I was going to place him in your care to kill you anyway. You are a thief and I don't like that." Sorcier shrugged almost conversationally pulling back the hammer of the gun. "Of course, I would be willing to forgive such a crime against me in exchange for something better..."

"Gagé is not a fair trade." Brandt argued, weakly, closing his eyes and panicking with the gun breathing into his neck.

"You are not in a position to argue, Monsieur." Sorcier replied, and reached into Brandt's pocket to pull his book of slaves. He ripped off the page with the boy's name written across the top and gestured to the line. "Sign the paper."

"This is blackmail." Brandt complained, obeying.

"Do you want it to become murder?" Sorcier answered, taking the paper away and investigating the signature. "Good. Very good. Your theft is forgiven."

Brandt turned angrily but said nothing, turning to the table and cleaning up the documents. Sorcier rolled the gun around his finger a pensive moment before he shrugged to himself and aimed the gun. "Forgiven, not forgotten."

He turned his fair face away glancing out the window at the two boys. He smiled when he pulled the trigger and chuckled as the boys jolted up. Each hearing the gunshot and wondering what it meant for their fate.

As Brandt died behind him, Sorcier tucked the gun away and pressed his hands against the window staring at the two boys. Kazeem was already dressed and seated in the chair, pretending that nothing had happened, but Gagé... The sweet, sad, frailty of a boy that was Gagé remained where he was sitting up on the floor, his pale legs tucked half underneath him and his hands quietly on his lap. He was staring into the mirror but he knew someone was in that office watching him.

He had no idea how that someone was going to play with his life.