It was difficult to love Brendan. I pushed him back onto the bed slowly. Our previous walk on the beach, which was the backyard, only made me want him more. The way his skin sparkled against the moonlight: it would not have taken much for me to overpower him out there, but too many eyes where watching. His eyes were speckled with tears and stars. Those beautiful deep green eyes, filled with fear and terror, ripped my insides apart like a lion devouring her meal after a long time of stalking and waiting. I love his eyes, his wheat colored hair, his gentle smile, his tightness. He enraptured me. I could not help myself; my body was begging just to get enough of him. There his sweet body under me, as a sneer of insanity grew across my eager lips. They left a trail of small passionate kisses and dangerous bites across his soft, sugary skin. God, he drove me fucking insane. I wanted to make love to him so hard, until he begged and cried for more. I knew what it was like to have the hell fucked out of you, and due to this small memory, I remained with the teasing to myself. My cock was pulsating with my heartbeat as the teasing continued. I could not decide if I wanted his virginity for my beastly desires, or to persevere it here in this moment for another time, when he was more willing for the taking. Brendan struggled against my over-powering strength. His small whispers of pain and urges to be free enhanced the feelings.

"Only if you weren't such a little tease to me, Brendan" I whispered into his ear, as a my teeth grasped on to it.

My breathe fell into his ear, deep and growling, which only made his skin crawl against mine.

"No, pleaseā€¦" He whimpered as I continued to nibble. He wasn't even trying, and the beast inside me knew it.

God, I loved it when he begged me. Despite the fact we were twins, I hated my appearance. Mom used to tell us how much we looked identical and how she could only tell us apart by my gothic outer shell. He was always superior to me, and I couldn't release myself in any appropriate ways according to society and morality. Angry masturbation: using, abusing, and enjoying it too frequently. Nonetheless, he was always more admired, smarter and funnier than I was. I hated when he did that: acting as if he were better than me and always being on the pedestal. Tonight I would prove him wrong. For once, I would be "King of the Jungle." I brushed some of his wheat hair away from his green orbs and I bent down and kissed his neck. I bite, nibbled, and drew blood and everything else that would make him squirm beneath me. His supple cries continued on, and my brain did not decipher if they were moans or whimpers. I ripped off his shirt as his striking tan skin reflected in the moonlight from the window.

"You're so beautiful Brendan," I said as I bit my lip.

I swear I felt my erection leap as the blood pulsated through out my body while my fingers explored his. I explored his edges, the smooth edges of his blemish-less skin. I felt his warmth through all his clothes. My hips ground into his as he watched me in revulsion and terror. He was tolerant to my touches and exploration of my new found love. Suddenly the light bulb clicked on and he knew he wasn't going to escape the pleasure I was going to be giving him tonight. I took up his hand, positioning it on my crotch. I involuntarily gasped as I felt his hand grabbing my member through my thin, cotton pants, as warmth enhanced the satisfaction. I felt like I was already going to dump my load before I even got the chance to use him. I couldn't, I had to resist. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I proceeded to run his hand over my hard 8 inches.

I couldn't take this pleasure anymore. A sudden warmth covered my body and crawled up my spine. My eyes shot down to Brendan and almost passed out with this shock. His luscious mouth wrapped around the throbbing head of my now swollen purple head. SHIT! It felt so fucking amazing. I closed my eyes as he proceeded. I didn't question why he was doing this and I didn't care. I looked down at him once more, as I pressed his head more onto me. His beautiful eyes looked up at me as my grin of lust and insanity appeared once more. His eyes told me everything: I knew he wanted this.

"I love you Brendan" I whispered as I tilted my head back as I felt his soft touch on my balls.

"I love you too Benjamin" he whispered back before his mouth found its way back to the head.

My eyes met his gaze once more... He loved me? He never used my full first name unless he was serious. I felt like I was floating in a dream. It was only him and I, together in this dream world, forever. I looked back down at him as his affectionate pretty mouth covered my member. My hips moved with his mouth as I began panting sympathetically. He was incontrollable. He controlled my pleasure. I couldn't let him stop. Hell, if only he did this all the time, it would be my death.

I looked back down at him. My hand still placed over his and he reluctantly rubbed my member. Fuck, it's only a dream I thought to myself but that satisfaction of his hand on my member took me over. I could not let him win; I couldn't let him make me cum like this. I released his hand from my grip as I rolled his body over onto his stomach. He whimpered as I crawled over him once more. My hands worked with quickness as I untied the strings from his pajama pants. With a quick fluid motion, they were around his ankles and my eyes caught sight of his spandex boxers. His cute bubbly ass was outline perfectly, and I knew the countdown was on. I had to get inside him quickly.

"No Ben, please stop" he begged me.

"But you're so fucking beautiful" I whispered in Brendan's ear once more.

My left hand traveled down his curves, to the waist of the spandex, teasing him with the same movements he was supplying earlier. I ran my hand down his chest to his stomach then plunged it into his boxers. I pulled him back against me as I slowly began to rub his emerging erection. Brendan, against will, let out a moan. He was sexy when he moaned.

"No, please Ben" he said as his hips began to move opposite the direction of my hand.

He was enjoying. My hard cock was beating against the small of his back. I let my hand slip slowly slip from his member which on made him pout, now without his satisfaction. My other hand journeyed to his waist as I ripped of his boxers, one yank.

The cold air made his skin cover with bumps as I lay on top of him, warming him up. He was so beautiful. Brendan under me, the images rolled across my mind. I got onto my hands and knees and kissed his neck with aggression. I was so close, just one push, as I felt the puckered entrance pressing against my buddy.

"Ben" He whispered, "I love you. I want to be yours."

My mouth released his skin as I looked at the cute seventeen year-old under me. Was I dreaming again?