Author's Note: All Things mentions with the Twin Towers and The Husband are not true. I do not, and have not ever had this happen to me. It's not a mockery of those lost in the attacks. It is in here for a purpose, so don't complain to me.

There he was, driving a few cars behind me, with Bryan in the front seat. I was stuck in a dilemma, try to lose them, or face the fact that they were going to actually follow me

I was trapped in this mind game of these two men. Rye and Bryan; the two people I never thought I would see again. It has been several years since I had seen Bryan. Rye had left my life, probably when we had entered high school. I was in a state of shock that they didn't happen upon my car and snatch Brendan. I hit the gas and whirled onto to highway. Thankfully I had a full tank of gas, so I wouldn't have to stop for awhile. I prayed we'd make it to Aunt Becca's house before the 'dynamic duo' tried to pull something. Aunt Becca lived in a small cabin just residing above the Superior Lake, in Michigan, on a forestry hill.

The scenery was amazing. She lived up on this hill, which you wouldn't know by looking at it. It always looked so lush and green in the summers and a winter wonderland in the winter. Her house was a log cabin, two stories. An animal lover at heart, her house was decorated in a western theme, with a huge deck on the second floor. A wood burning stove was placed in the center of this floor. A 360 of this level, you would find the living room, kitchen, dinning room, and the hallways leading to the bedroom. The floors were wood throughout the entire house. The entire south wall was windows. Her bedrooms also followed the animal loving theme: one guest was decorated with the Arizona sunset and snake. The other guest room was Coloradoan, with pictures of the mountains and painted sky blue. I never knew what the master bedroom looked like. The deck was wooden too, with another burner out here to keep us all warm. Several chairs were spread across the floor, and a huge glass table. Various wind chimes dangled from the rafters.

I remembered Thanksgiving's dinners at Aunt Becca's house. I remember feeling so comfortable there; not an outcast. Aunt Becca was always there to help, even when my heart was crushed by Rye, after he left for the 10th grade school year to some foreign 'Catholic' school in the some country off the coast of England. Granted, I never told her about my sexuality, seeing as she was the only one on either side of my family who was strict Christian. She disapproved of homosexuality, yet at the same time, she didn't try to convince homosexuals they were wrong.

Aunt Becca was in her mid-thirties, widowed from the Twin Tower Attack in New York. Her husband was their on some business trip and was unfortunately was in the wrong place at the time. When the first tower collapsed, pieces of the collapsing building crushed him beneath. It took the rescue workers five days before they found his body, or what was left of him anyway. She was petite for sure, standing about chest high on me, which was approximately 5'2". She had strawberry blond hair, always pulled back into a messy bun, wearing excessively too much eye shadow and such like Mimi off of The Drew Carey Show. If I remembered correctly, she was a stay at home seamstress, making quilts and other random house covers. She was wealthy: one of those women who spent their money on useless knickknacks and what not.

I had finally snapped back into reality, noticing my arm was going numb by my brother's head cutting off the circulation to my fingers. It made me glad the car was an automatic. I glanced out the rear view mirror again, to see if they two were still there. To my despair, they still were, joking around, smoking. This surprised me, seeing as it literally had been two hours since I had left the store. Bryan was nude, as fair as I could tell, taking a deep inhale off the cigarette. Meanwhile, Rye had one hand on the steering wheel, another hand placed in such a way; it seemed as if maybe he had been doing a bit of petting on Bryan. I finally sped up, in disgust, seeing Bryan hanging all over Rye like the little slut he was. It wasn't fair that I was hurt like that; being left along in the fragile state of my first true love, and him just disappearing to Europe. Part of me was filled with almost pure hatred for the bastard, another part crushed, and the rest was a mystery. For just a solitary moment, I almost wished that could be me in the front seat, being fondled and pleasured by Rye. Shortly after the thought, I gagged at it, hoping that the thought would drift from my brain waves.

Brendan shifted once more, as I looked over to him. His green eyes peered up into mine, as he smiled. He was so damn adorable, co-dependant on me, needing me to survive. This made everything worthwhile. The wounds, the rapes, the almost endless nights of wet dreams, and the nights were he lay in my arms, cuddled up against me. I wrapped my arm around him, pulling his as close to me as possible. It was a day and a half drive from home to Aunt Becca's if we stopped. It was dusk by now, and I hoped there would be a loose the two behind me. Suddenly a plan came into my head, and it was almost crazy enough to work.

As soon as I saw a town, with several hotels, I slowed down, myself becoming even with the two. Rye smiled to me, his gray stare, white teeth. I smiled in return, seeing the exit coming up quickly.

"Brendan, when I tell you to put your hands on the dash and brace yourself so you don't hit it." I said, as I saw him place his hands on the dash.

One quick more check, I waited till I knew they wouldn't be able to turn around till the next exit, which was a good ten miles down the road. It would give me enough time to find a place to stay and hide the car.

"Brace yourself now" I said, slamming on the brakes, and spinning off onto the ramp.

Brendan was un-injured, thankfully, while the two kept going straightforward. If I knew them, Rye would try to turn around on the high way, or to travel down the road at least 10 miles. I didn't want to risk the chance of them turning, so I quickly sped off down the ramp.

The town wasn't very large, and I knew if I didn't find somewhere to keep us safe, it wouldn't be long before Brendan became someone's bitch. I found a hotel, with lots of cars in a big parking lot and stopped. I had enough to get food for two days, gas, and a room for tonight. Thankfully they had one open, and it was one of the bigger more popular branches. The women at the clerk's desk seemed odd, as I would check over my shoulder every few seconds, checking on the car. I hauled ass out to the room after I was handed the key and threw it into drive. I think the tires might have spun somewhat as we took off. I found a dumpster big enough and surrounded by trees and shrubs. Perfect hiding place. Brendan and I pushed it enough to hide the car. Walking out to the car quickly, I tossed a blanket over the stuff in the backseat and removed everything that gave away our presence from sight.

After my brother and I parked the car, we hurried off to the room. It was on the 3rd floor; perfect view to watch the car as well. Brendan sat on my lap, by the window, while we waited for the car of the stalkers to pull into the parking lot. I kissed his forehead, then his cheek, before smiling and kissing his lips tenderly. I glanced out the window, once more, at the cars.

I woke to the sound of screaming below, as we left the window open. I looked down to see one very pissed off Rye and scared Bryan stopped, searching a car hoping it was mine. It appeared as if Bryan had tired to console Rye, and was only forced away with a slap. I picked a good spot, behind that dumpster, which was hidden from view. I smiled, picking up my brother, setting him on the bed, and wrapping him up before once more walking to the window. I stood there for a few minutes, as I noticed that Bryan was bent over the back of the car, crying out as Rye slammed his into the back of the car with his hips. The green beast of jealous flourished again as I watched this. I missed that angry sex. Only a few moments later, I saw Rye driving off at a rapid pace, and I just sighed.

Slowly I stripped down and crawled into bed, wrapping my arms around Brendan, after locking every lock possible on the door. He groaned softly, rolling over, before snuggling up to my chest.

"Are they gone Benjamin?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, they are for now. Try to sleep my love. We will be safe at Aunt Becca's house in a few days." I promised, him, before shutting my eyes falling asleep to the sounds of Brendan breathing.