6.16.04 7:03 pm
unusual heart beat.tingling arms.dizzy

I feel you lodged deep within my breast
You bothersome beast astir with motion
Gnawing on my innards at every waking moment
Dragging after my emotions clinging to every stimuli this retched world
has borne
And now you suffer there
Bruised and torn
In my breast you are dying with out my best regards wished apon this world
Selfishly keeping me to yourself as you writhe and race in pain
Is it in vain my hopeless attempt to keep your sake at ease
Erase the grief you cause me
With signless laid back ease
Am I to leave this world alone in this strangers house
Who would it be to find me here
Weak with blood filled mouth
What was it this time that's set you heart aflame
But no natural burn this is that has my mind inane
The floor is moving beneath my feet
My arms so far away
If I reached out for the phone id get there yesterday
Am I a lost cause in this world so far off from my home
Am I a soul less burden here
Or will my words be known