Rain dripping down the glass window pane
Mirrors to the tears I cry,
Cry for you.

Watch them slid, merge, and slip down
As I weep inside,
Inside over you.

Silent and unnoticed raindrops upon my window
My silent tears upon my face
Silently my tears fall,
Fall for you.

My internal wounds burn and bleed
Merging with my salty tears
As I think,
Think about you.

Still I hurt and scream in pain
While you see me smile
Within I am torn,
Torn over what you do.

I want you, need you
But I don't want you here
Don't want you near,
Near to me.

I want to feel your love again
Want to feel your kiss again
But I can't,
Can't have that again.

My insides are burning
Breaking over what you've done to me
My heart is bleeding,
Bleeding because of you.

I don't know what I want
What you want
So confused,
Confused over you.

Do I want you back
Or do I want you to go
Far away,
Away from me?

You tell me the Truth will help me
Guide me out of the pain I feel
Encourage me that I am not alone,
Alone without you.

But I feel so alone in this world
Alone with the pain
Bottled up within,
Within my soul.

So inside I cry
So inside I die,
Die over you.