To stand on bare floors and clasp your hand in mine, to leap on your body,
feel your heart strike double.

Now I see what it meant
to say "I can't bear."
to say the impossible
to reach and fall.

To have only the shadow,
the beat, the breeze against my lips
as I spin,
hair in my eyes,
blistering soles as I empty
my heart across the floor.

Feel your heart strike double

Reaching for you,
ever near, never there,
closing on air.
Breathing against your skin,
tasting salt and bitter metal -
a bullet through my tongue
with a kiss.

Touching toes, taking weight,
sink down and defy gravity.
Make a mirror for your eyes
so you can see how you smother me.

A stately step as of the ravens
in your hair.
Sculpted amber across your body,
melting me to you,
never break away while the beat remains.

Feel your heart strike double

When will it be?
Twice, thrice,
catch me against you and hold
while the strings shriek,
and I reach, seek,
lips meet.

Dreaming of you again.