Train of Thought
Whenever I love you, you're gone,
Whenever I hate you, you're there,
Whenever we're friends, it's just so-so,
It truly is unfair
Why do you shun me?
Ignore me as if,
As if you don't care,
So I finally say, "That's it!"
What's wrong with me?
Do I have a disease?
Do you fear change?
Or do you get weak in the knees?
Do you like me?
Is that the case?
Because if that's so,
You're way off base!
If you'd pause for a moment,
And open up your eyes,
You'd see me, who I really am,
No secrets or lies
If you'd get the hints,
The overly obvious,
It wouldn't be about "you and me,"
It'd be about "us"
Because you'd see I feel,
The exact same way,
Maybe you'll get the signal,