I can't cry
I feel too numb to let the tears flow
Getting by
I wish I knew all I wanted to know

When it's dark inside my mind, I tend to fantasize
Of a place where I know all, so wise

That place I've come to know
Will never be
But I'm sure it will always
Live in me

And reality
Won't beat me down me
I'll continue to dream that
Nothings what it seems
And I'll live, my life
Without rules, to abide
I'll continue to dream that
Nothing's what it seems

I know now
Reality's a hindrance to dreams
I won't bow
And accept that everything's what it seems

If I saw what the world wanted me to see
I'd be lost in a false sense of reality
I'd rather see things my own way
Than get in this game, we all play

(Repeat chorus)

Life's hard enough
Without people taking away your beliefs
You have to be stronger
Than them to get through all the grief

Take it
Don't fake it
And don't forsake it because
You have to what you have to do
No one can stop you
In your heart you know that's true

(Repeat Chorus)