Tread through the snow stretching for miles all around you,
Feel as it seeps through your boots and your stockings,
Cringe as you feel its icy kiss against your ankles,
Over and over again the chilling bitterness bites at you,
Chills you.
Look up and see the snowflakes drifting from the graying sky,
Slowly at first and then faster, turning quickly into a blizzard,
Tearing at your exposed skin, freezing your eyelashes,
Ripping across your flesh like knives.
The wind howls around past your ears,
And you can hear someone weeping, screaming, crying.
A female.
Could it be?
Squint into the blowing whiteness, reach out your hand.
Can you see it now, do you understand?
Frozen, icy, biting snowflakes,
The wind,
Merciless, howling, crying out to you.
Wince as your heart grows cold within your chest,
Tears spill down your face at such sorrow in the snow,
So cold they fall from your nose as sparkling ice crystals.
Your tears.
Where is the wailing coming from?
Who is crying through the swirling snow around you?
A girl?
Where is she?
Who is she?
Dying down, the snow whispers past you,
Soft like feathers,
Still the snow falls from the graying sky,
Melting upon your flesh,
So cold, so icy.
Such despair, such sorrow you feel here,
Still you hear the weeping upon the wind,
She continues to cry,
You continue to cry.
Not warm, but icy and cold,
Your tears,