Wishes of Mended Wings

Take me out of this cage, to somewhere far from here,
And place me amongst sunshine, so that I can breathe.
Even though the door is open, cracked more then slightly,
I cannot leave, for I have broken wings.

They crumpled beneathe the darkness, in this hell,
Because I could not see, and thrashed in my cage.
Blood dripped from my mouth, to the floor,
Because trying to fly is fatal, when flying cannot be born.

It seems my feathers were ripped apart from me,
And caught between the bars, when I tried to fly away.
So you see, I cannot leave, without your help,
Some come to me, and take me out of this place.

My will can only be stretched so far, when I can only go so far,
So I'll wait until the day you take pity on me, and free me.
This is not my home, and I never wanted it to be,
Won't you bring me home, so that I can be happy, so that I can love?

Behind closed eyelids, I dream of fairy tales, and place filled with magic,
I see myself flying above the cotton clouds, to a place of twinkling twilight.
Only that will be the day that you set me loose, and I can wish a wish that can become true,
A wish so beautiful that extends beyond fantasies and dreams, a wish for euphoria.

Will you make that wish come true, will you set me free?
Mend my broken wings, and break open this cage, for the door isn't opened far enough to fix my wings.
You'll have to carry me out into the world, and only then I can be healed,
These voices in my head tell me that one day my hopes will become realities.