It's pounding in my head,
This ache that won't go away.
It's in my heart,
And in my soul.
It's so toxic,
That I fear I've been poisoned.
It's the reason for the hole,
That I have in my hope.
I tried to kill it,
But it grew faster and faster.
It's infested deep within my core,
And I'm afraid it's tangled deeper then a web of lies.
I remembered the day that it was born,
Even though I tried to abort.
It will not go away,
No matter how much I try to terminate it.
I try to replace it with faith,
But it just blackens it into something else.
I cannot save myself,
And no one can save me.
My skin feels like needles,
And tightening string.
I feel as if I'm on the edge,
And I'm about to go over.