I woke up to a world of illusion,
A place where everything was backwards.
I was splashed in the face with confusion,
Trying to find a place that goes forwards.

I lay by a river full of sorrow,
Wilting away in my opium dream.
I realized that my life was hallow,
As I melted into a rainbow stream.

My heart was weighed down with worry,
Until a burst of light exploded within me.
I could feel my pulse pick up in a hurry,
Until it became hard for me to see.

You once told me to open my eyes,
But what good does it do if you are blind?
I'm drowning in an ocean of my own cries,
And something drags me down from behind.

My soul has been bitten by frost,
And has become pale and faded.
Somehow I knew there would be a cost,
Because this opium dream has left me jaded.