I lost you today,
Because I was so careless.
It was all my fault,
I acted without thinking.

You left with them,
Waving me a happy goodbye.
You were never to be seen again,
Because I was so stupid.

I've been searching for you,
But there is no trace of you anywhere.
I'm afraid that you may be dead,
And it was all because of me.

They took you away from this place,
To a place that was never to be found.
Had I thought things through,
You'd still be here right by my side.

I've caused many people to suffer,
Because of my poor choices.
So I'll sit down and cry today,
I try to forget the terrible thing that I did.

If I could drink away my memory,
I would do it in a heart beat.
I'd give up my life,
Just so that you could have yours back.

I'd like to say I'm sorry,
But there is no way to tell them how guilty I feel.
They loved you like I did,
But I killed that love.