Angel of Storm

An angel flew over my head just the other day
I was walking out to the field to stargaze
And though it was early, only around seven,
The atmosphere did make me feel as if I were in heaven

The stars weren't awake, hadn't opened their eyes,
So I gazed at the sunset, then it happened, up in the skies
An angel came fluttering above me, right on past,
Overhead it did soar, so slowly, yet as I reflect on it, fast

Her wings, though blue, had a hint of periwinkle,
Each feather singed with orange began to twinkle,
Like gems they shone and like fire they glittered,
They aided her in soaring and wouldn't let her dither

It wasn't until she let out a heavy sigh and shouted,
Let me rest! Then she frowned and she scowled and she pouted
As her wings ceased their movement, she began to whimper,
The air became cold, and though I had a jacket, I shivered

Her tears began to fall at a relentless rate,
What could have happened to cause her this much pain and hate?
And she sang a sorrowful song, an alto she was,
An eerie melody she hummed because.

I guess I will never truly know,
Why she sang such of such sadness and woe,
For before I could really comprehend the whole episode,
She had glided away, maybe to her heavenly abode