Note: I wrote this quite a while back, but I'd still hope it makes you think.


Perfectionist, artistically inclined,

such intricate details in beautiful

paintings and realistic charcoal shadings.

Whatever became of the talented lady

who now possesses a neurotic state?

Individualist, architectural achievement,

gorgeous buildings with ornate designs

and skeptically intelligent formed arcs.

How could this man be known to the world

as he lays intoxicated while his belly swells prodigiously?

Rationalist, psychiatric accomplishments,

prevention of suicide and fatal conditions,

clearing all critical situations so serious.

If the doctor would return from "social"

engagements would the patients retain strength?

The world could attain improvements,

but people lack the self motivation at

the present time and need to use it.

Will the day of judgement not come

since no life on earth will exist long enough?

Author's Note: Did I make you think?