String of music, echo of harmony,
won't you reject your song and strike a cord with me?

Birds fly above, exploring skies of violet and blue
am I not important enough to sing with you?

Ships of loneliness and betrayal
reveal yourselves, abandon your colossal sails

Branches below, full of magenta and hope
won't you reach out and drop some of your mahogany ropes?

Brooks of mine, this sparkling , endless abyss
flow over, enchant me, my tears will display how I miss

Faithful Jungle, mist of olive green
do you possess the power to make me serene?

Thunder and Lighting,I'm evoking your rage
chanting, eliciting powers, begininning a crisp new page

Hear my prayer, see my straits of woe
feel my numbness, the blood will gradually cease to flow

Are you there? An enigma that I simply can't find
Have you forsaken me? Abandoned me to solely battle the tempest blind?

I see a figure immersed in light,
A darker figure emerges , displays his might

A gaunt hand enveloped in black clasps hs shoulder
Right then and there, I am buried by boulders

He has betrayed me, has befriended my foe
he takes a few steps forward, and takes a bow

At first he is ominious, not even a smile
Yet, it soon appears, one full of trickery and guile

It plays on his lips, no guilt, no denial
what did I expect? It is but his style

Hands grasp at my throat, tundrils of stigma and hate
hands seeking to tear love into shreds , to grate

Come bitter spirit, meet your destiny, love
it is but fate, a decree from above